10 Magic Diet Tips

"Losing weight" ... If you are searching for the union of these two words right now on Google, you will find almost 11 million answers ... And more now that summer is approaching!  It seems normal that among so many options, one can get lost when trying to find the magic barita to get rid... Continue Reading →

Keto Diet.. is it for you?

In general, it is accepted that our bodies are potent carbohydrate burners, that they use glycogen stored in the liver and muscles as fuel for our lives, and we are really good at doing it! But what happens when the consumption of carbohydrates is so low that our bodies turn to the burning of fat as... Continue Reading →


Surely you've heard of him, you know someone wearing it or seen tutorials where, with a simple injection to acid hialur or single , the face changes completely. Well, this product already has become one of the most common aesthetic centers around the world, it holds many secrets, advantages and benefits, perhaps to , a u n do not know . If you want to know more about... Continue Reading →

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