Autumn season and Its food

Few weeks ago, I already tried to convince you that autumn is not as fierce as you paint it , remember? We conclude that, although it is true that it is a time in which we generally feel more sad about the return to routine after the summer period, the hormonal rebalances we suffer because of the shortening... Continue Reading →

Keto Diet.. is it for you?

In general, it is accepted that our bodies are potent carbohydrate burners, that they use glycogen stored in the liver and muscles as fuel for our lives, and we are really good at doing it! But what happens when the consumption of carbohydrates is so low that our bodies turn to the burning of fat as... Continue Reading →

How to keep the kilos at bay

Man has achieved countless technological advances that apply to their way of life to make it more comfortable and comfortable, is what we call progress. It has also managed to fight a multitude of diseases for which it had no remedy before, saving thousands of lives every day, but what happens when those diseases for which... Continue Reading →


DIETS TO LOSE WEIGHT AND RAPID VOLUME   In more than one occasion you have asked yourself what you must do to lose those extra pounds , but the lack of time or lack of motivation does not lead you to the proposed goal. To resort to an excess of physical exercise or to restrictive diets, also known as 'miracle diets' do not... Continue Reading →

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