Ten Signs of Gluten Intolerance

Let's look at 10 signals of gluten intolerance. In recent years, more and more products have been labeled "gluten-free" . However, many people do not know why it is important to use these products. It is important to know first and foremost that gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley . Some people do not experience a negative response after ingesting gluten , which... Continue Reading →

10 Magic Diet Tips

"Losing weight" ... If you are searching for the union of these two words right now on Google, you will find almost 11 million answers ... And more now that summer is approaching!  It seems normal that among so many options, one can get lost when trying to find the magic barita to get rid... Continue Reading →

Autumn season and Its food

Few weeks ago, I already tried to convince you that autumn is not as fierce as you paint it , remember? We conclude that, although it is true that it is a time in which we generally feel more sad about the return to routine after the summer period, the hormonal rebalances we suffer because of the shortening... Continue Reading →


But in fact, what do they eat vegetarians ? What is the difference between vegan and vegan , is it about the same? PESCETARIAN is the one who does not eat meat  but fish ... In this article, we go through the barbaric terms of vegetarianism / veganism to try to understand something!   WHAT DO VEGETARIANS EAT?   Vegetarians  : they do not eat... Continue Reading →


Why become vegan? I think it's a logical continuation. I have been a vegetarian all my life, and even if the awareness is late, being vegan is in total agreement with my values.  WHY I'M VEGAN: I DO NOT EAT CHICKS I was asked again 15 days ago "you do not eat eggs so you do not... Continue Reading →


Smoothies are the trend of the moment! Smoothie and especially Green Smoothie are part of what is known as healthy food . If we appreciate them so much, it is because they are beautiful, good and beneficial for our health . I already thought I knew everything about smoothies, and then when I bought Rebecca Leffler's book "Green, Glam & Gourmet", I... Continue Reading →


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is even a meal in its own right. It is supposed to cover 25% , or 1/4, of the daily contributions. Skip breakfast is not trivial. Indeed, the body gets tired because it has to draw on its reserves, and this can create deficiencies . Me, I need a boost in the morning. It is at this point that I work best,... Continue Reading →


I am interested in  all types of food , without agreeing with everything. Crudivorism inspires me because my dad was crudivorous 6 months and he keeps a very good memory . He did not continue because it became too difficult for him, from a practical and social point of view. I like to eat healthy , that did not escape you. I have seen... Continue Reading →


When we are intolerant to gluten, the hardest to eliminate ... It's bread . I replaced it with flower bread at first, but I must admit that now I miss the bread. I tried a dozen recipes without ever finding THE perfect recipe. So I rummaged on the internet to find a solution to this gluten-free bread story. Those I do are not bad , but... Continue Reading →


This recipe is an emergency test if you are a  healthy gourmet  ! This brownie will seem pretty caloric, but the calories do not care a bit! The most important thing is that this cake is very nutritious and contains only very healthy food  because it is: without butter, without milk, without egg, it does not contain either chocolate or refined sugar. . In... Continue Reading →


With the return of good weather, the Detox Water is back in force ! This so-called detox water is popular because it is very simple to make, inexpensive and promises incredible detox virtues ! And if behind this appellation hid in fact a beautiful marketing scam ? And if we did not tell us rather beautiful salads so that we consume more and more ?... Continue Reading →

10 tips for good nutrition

The 10 tips:  1- Incorporate daily foods of all groups and perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity. The recommendation includes the realization of four daily meals (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) which should include vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, milk, yogurt or cheese, eggs, meat and oils). The portions should be moderate, you should eat... Continue Reading →

10 rules for eating well

Nutrition research has identified 10 dietary rules on which metabolic balances depend and thus your health in the long term. Imagine that these are pillars or foundations on which you want to build a healthy, long and sustainable life. As strong as they are! 1: Limit ultra-processed foods This rule, very simple, aims to limit... Continue Reading →

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