Abdominal Exercise

  Exercise circuit to tone your number 3 abdominals! Different but just as effective as the number 2 circuit . It does not require a machine or hardware. These exercises will work as circuit 1 and 2, the muscles of the abdominal strap, that is to say the obliques , the transverse and the right rectus with as a bonus the buttocks and shoulders . Attention exercise 3 is difficult,... Continue Reading →

Leg Exercises

Leg exercises , one of the  most loved and hated muscle groups in this sport. The muscles of the legs are among the largest in the body, so training them provides a significant metabolic effect. The gym routines that focus on the muscles of the legs, stimulate the release of growth hormones that increases muscle mass , in addition, improve your ability to perform... Continue Reading →

Chest exercises

  In this section   we will see a great variety of chest exercises per work area . For many who usually go to the gym, the chest is usually a pending issue. We know that genetics always plays an important role but you also have to know how to choose the exercises that will help us... Continue Reading →

Biceps exercises

What are the biceps?  The biceps is one of the favorite muscles by most people in the world of physique. It is so called because it has two heads: the long head and the short head. They are different parts of the muscles that share a tendon. Depending on how we are going to carry out the exercise we... Continue Reading →

Forearms Exercise

  As you know, the forearms are one of the most forgotten muscles . In our routines we seldom get this muscle leaving it aside and as something secondary and although in many exercises we use forearms we must work them specifically so that there is a body harmony  helping not only to our physical appearance but to our performance and health. The... Continue Reading →

Twins and soleus exercises

  The twins and the soleus are another of the muscles forgotten in all routine. These two muscles are part of the so-called calf. Although most people only perform twins exercises, the soleus is another part of the calf that can not be forgotten because not only will we obtain a more volumizing calf, but we will decrease, for... Continue Reading →

Shoulder exercises

The shoulders   are one of the parts of our body that can give us more problemswith respect to injuries (8 to 13% of gym injuries are shoulder injuries) . It is a delicate area due to the fact that we indirectly work the shoulders in other routines such as chest or dorsal, overloading them and increasing the probability of... Continue Reading →

Back exercises

  In this section,  Exercises for Back we will   explain everything that is fundamentalto be able to work properly, you can continue reading this article and move forward in your workouts or continue training as always and stop reading. Muscles of the back First of all we will see the superficial muscles of the back that are the most interesting when... Continue Reading →

Triceps exercises

Still do not know how you have to develop your triceps in your gym routines ? In this section you will learn to exercise the triceps correctly to have large and developed arms with the following factors that I will give you below. The first thing we have to understand is that if we want to develop large arms ,... Continue Reading →

Abdominal exercises

Having perfect and enviable abs is not only synonymous with perspiring in a gym until you see the abdomen hard, firm and well marked. More than 800 people are already receiving our articles to lose weight, gain muscle mass, be fit and much more. Are you going to miss it? We hate spam. We will only... Continue Reading →

Learn why your muscles need protein to function

Muscles are the organs that are between bones and skin, are responsible for producing body movement. They are the most flexible organs of the human body, they can contract and relax without breaking. This also allows us to exercise and strengthen them. The protein helps improve muscles. Proteins are responsible for giving energy to our muscles and those... Continue Reading →

How to keep the kilos at bay

Man has achieved countless technological advances that apply to their way of life to make it more comfortable and comfortable, is what we call progress. It has also managed to fight a multitude of diseases for which it had no remedy before, saving thousands of lives every day, but what happens when those diseases for which... Continue Reading →


DIETS TO LOSE WEIGHT AND RAPID VOLUME   In more than one occasion you have asked yourself what you must do to lose those extra pounds , but the lack of time or lack of motivation does not lead you to the proposed goal. To resort to an excess of physical exercise or to restrictive diets, also known as 'miracle diets' do not... Continue Reading →

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas

5 bodybuilding breakfast ideas Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It allows in particular to recharge the energy after a night of fasting. 20% of the daily nutritional contributions must be brought during this essential meal, but it is still necessary that it is balanced. When we talk about balanced breakfast, the possibilities are... Continue Reading →

Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic is a period of prehistory extending from -2.9 million years to -12,000 years. During this period appears the first species of the genus Homo: Homo Habilis. The man is then a hunter-gatherer who has not yet learned the farmer or livestock. It only feeds on foods in its environment. The paleo diet is inspired by the... Continue Reading →

Vegetable proteins: 6 alternatives to animal proteins

Vegetable proteins: 6 alternatives to animal proteins Proteins are essential for muscle recovery. It is often thought that proteins are of animal origin. Yet vegetable proteins are just as interesting, and many types of foods contain them. Therefore, it is possible to have a very good protein intake without consuming meat, fish or dairy products. Let's detail what types... Continue Reading →

Healthy and fitness running list idea

Healthy and fitness running list idea Your health and well-being are part of your concerns but you do not know what to buy once at the supermarket? Here are some ideas with this little shopping list. I favor high-protein and low-calorie / saturated fat foods, but I also try to offer you a varied list with... Continue Reading →

Should we take dietary supplements?

Should we take dietary supplements? Which ? Why ? How and with what? I have already had the opportunity to talk many times about food supplements on my site, including through the tests I started on the main brands of supplements. Today I am going to try to make a little synthesis on this subject which makes the practitioners... Continue Reading →

Whey: the basic supplement in bodybuilding

Whey: the basic supplement in bodybuilding Cow's milk contains two main proteins, casein and whey. The latter is also called whey protein or whey. Combined with intense training, this protein can quickly gain muscle mass. Whey powder is the most used supplement in bodybuilding . Origin of whey The clear liquid that rests on the top of a yoghurt or... Continue Reading →

How to grow fast? Some tracks

How to grow fast? Some tracks Training as intensive as it is is not enough to give your body the power and muscle mass you want. Good results will depend on your bodybuilding sessions of course, but also recovery and especially a specific diet. This crucial phase is neglected by many athletes who seek to densify their... Continue Reading →

The benefits of bike

The benefits of bike Have you ever been cycling in the gym? Otherwise, be aware that you miss a great opportunity to please your body. This sport is ideal both for muscles and to refine your silhouette. However, it's not just a hall sport. It can just as easily be practiced at home. And for this purpose, here are many... Continue Reading →

A good idea: postural stretching

A good idea: postural stretching Practicing a regular sport activity has always been a source of well-being and comfort. We spend almost half of our energy on different daily activities. This is difficult to recover, not to mention the physical problems that are added such as back pain , muscle contraction, joint pain , etc. With gymnastics, I have always managed to... Continue Reading →

Hyperlordosis causing your back pain?

Hyperlordosis causing your back pain? Working in the lumbar area accentuates the camber between the buttocks and lumbar areas. You do not do lumbar exercise you will tell me? Know that a large number of movements solicit this area, (which squat that you certainly realize ...). Be aware that most lumbar pain experienced during or after a... Continue Reading →

Discovering the activity tracker

To carry out a fitness program or monitor your health, there is a tracking gadget that is perfect for you. This is the activity tracker whose number of growing models makes it increasingly difficult to choose. To help you, here are some buying tips with the criteria of choice and 3 models very much appreciated at the... Continue Reading →

Sugar free diet: the false good idea

Sugar free diet: the false good idea Books, blogs, testimonials on social networks. For several years, "no" diets are supposed to delight people looking to lose weight, or keep the line. No gluten, no lactose or no fat. These withdrawal-based diets are proving popular among the general public, but are of great concern to the specialist community.... Continue Reading →

I can not lose belly fat

I can not lose belly fat Abdominal fat is the one everyone fears most, and no one will say the opposite, because the difficulty of losing it is the same for both men and women. Deflation techniques exist certainly, but what I recommend is especially pay attention to his diet to which you can add a... Continue Reading →

Lose her breeches: my advice

Lose her breeches: my advice The saddlebags are a typical feminine phenomenon, and there is a good chance that you will be concerned if you have landed on this page 🙂 This fat that accumulates on the hips, buttocks and thighs is reputed to be difficult to dislodge, but rest assured there are still some... Continue Reading →

Rest time in bodybuilding

Rest time in bodybuilding Bodybuilders know it: it's a sport that requires a lot of willpower and self-control, whether physically or mentally. The goal is obviously to increase the muscle mass of the body but also to develop its strength. But during a bodybuilding session, it is not only the number of series that we could... Continue Reading →

How to increase testosterone?

How to increase testosterone? Talking about testosterone in the minds of most is alluding to man's virility. But testosterone is a hormone that plays a much bigger role in the functioning of the body. The question is, what is testosterone? What is its importance ? Know that testosterone is found in humans ... and in women! Definition and role... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding breathing

Bodybuilding breathing In general, many underestimate the effects of breathing during a weight training exercise. Yet breathing plays a very important role in performing exercises. The better you will breathe during your exercises, the better your muscles will work!  The two phases of the movement: Contraction of the muscle This is the phase where the muscle is... Continue Reading →

The Lafay method: it works?

The Lafay method: it works? Who practices bodybuilding and has never heard of the how famous Lafay method? You've probably heard about it on TV, on social media, or you may have already watched videos before / after the Lafay Method. It is a world-renowned method of bodybuilding has the particularity of not requiring equipment, it... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding at home: exercises woman

Bodybuilding at home: exercises woman "Maximize sessions for better results by spending less time" is my motto today. The majority of women are not looking for mass gain as is often the case in men, a training program for beginner woman type fitness will be more than enough to achieve the desired results. The benefits of bodybuilding for... Continue Reading →

Cardio exercises at home

Cardio exercises at home To work your cardio, you do not need a subscription to the gym or invest in a bike. No need either to spend 1 hour running ... This article is intended for all those who are broke, but in addition who do not have the time! This article is for everyone (men and... Continue Reading →

My opinion on the Tabata method

My opinion on the Tabata method We regularly hear about the "Tabata method". Behind this name hides a method of fitness in the form of a circuit where one trains intensely over short periods. It can be read on some sites that this method derived from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) would have in just 4min... Continue Reading →

Bodybuilding after 50 years: what changes?

Bodybuilding after 50 years: what changes? It's common for people over 40 to start losing motivation and gaining weight. It is natural, several scientific studies prove it. However, it is better not to take it as a fatality because it is precisely the 40-50 years that your lifestyle will be the most determining on your general health.... Continue Reading →

Cladding exercises

Sheathing is an exercise that is unanimous in the fitness industry and yet few people really know its benefits. Do you also do some sheating at the end of the session just because you see others doing it? Or do you start out in sports and you read that it was a good exercise to have a... Continue Reading →

What to do for body aches?

What to do for body aches? The question of aches in the sport comes back often, and especially in bodybuilding. How to relieve aches? Can we avoid aches? I wanted to write about it because I just took 3 weeks of rest, without sport, following a small injury. IT has been good from time to time to rest... Continue Reading →

Good warm up for bodybuilding

Good warm up for bodybuilding Most of those who are going to train in the room are aware of the importance of a good warm-up before starting to lift heavy loads, yet I see very little warm up properly. There are several schools: ● Those who run directly on the machines and begin to load... Continue Reading →

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