I am a 45 year old woman, divorced, mother of two. 
I live and love, passionately!

I’m always ready to experiment, I’m curious and open to new experiences. And confident enough to do what I really want.

I am not struggling with guilt and do not like the desire. I believe that people have been created to enjoy and be happy first and foremost.

I like flirting, people like it. My worldview and life experience are “relatively corrupted” if you can say so, and I do not create illusions about anything or anyone.

I don’t worry too much because I have experienced that in a “big picture” everything is just a moment. 
I am determined and responsible for my decisions. If nothing fits me, I’ll change it. Or customization.

I believe that everyone lives in what he wants and my truth is just my truth. This does not mean, however, that I like everything. I can not tolerate whining, distraction and martyrdom. I don’t like limited and small people. I think fool is not forgiving. 
But – we have our choice with whom and how much we communicate and my thing is not to save or change anyone.

I love one fantastic man – we have an inspiring, fun and passionate relationship. We are both quite similar people – liberal, liberal, pragmatic, tolerant, cheerful. It is easy for us to be together because we agreed on the rules of the game right from the start. 
We have the freedom to develop and try new things, together with two, or separately, just how it will evolve. But we always give each other our knowledge – our thoughts, feelings and needs.

With the joy of living in my blog, I write – experiences, body, sex, relationships, men and women.

PS All my friends and companions here are under the pseudonyms unless they have wanted otherwise.

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