I like to have sex, no difference in the evening or in the morning, how long and what I do, just always like it. Thanks to God, I am with a man who likes it very much. We do everything that comes to mind, with mutual consent and agreements. We have deliberately tried to move together, sharing emotions, experiencing and enjoying our sexual discoveries.

In my opinion, it is of the utmost importance that people who are (longer) should regularly remind each other that they are still coveted by each other. Everyday sex does not have to be a goal, but everyday awareness of sexual or erotic undertones should exist in a couple relationship, but so is the hope of a happy cohabitation. 
But here’s a bit of reflection on what things you would like to do and experience in sexual terms. And, for example, one could have ten sexual wishes written down, more importantly – these experiences too! Whatever they are, preferably within the limits of the law.

We set ourselves the challenges of all kinds – diet, sport, work, etc., but why not one of the next year’s challenges to enrich our sexuality? After all, our sex life is as important as any of the above, but somehow we do not set ourselves such challenges. 
What if we were to do next year, next to or instead of other big plans, 2018 OUR MOST SEXY YEAR? Let’s think about your 10 sexual desire, passion, longing, awareness (one for every month and two months for more in-depth study)😉) and making our dream come true in the new year! For example, an open relationship, anal sex, tantralaager, sex with the same sex, cyber-sex, erotic massage workshop, swinging, sado-maso or other – everyone’s own, the key is to give their desires and make dreams come true!

Sometimes we do not know exactly what excites us and then we could also watch porn. Men do it like this anyway, but women can look at porn with the same false ascendancy – so the idea of ​​a sadomaso is still a topic or a dream to go to bed with another woman is really exciting. For experienced people, pornography does not create misconceptions – we know that men are not always hard at all, and women often look a bit more modest in real life. It is also of little importance that even with a brief acquaintance it becomes immediately clear what does not provide tension or even reluctance, it saves time later and also eliminates unpleasant experiences. But ideas on how, what, and with whom everyone gets from porn sites.

It is possible that what we want seems to us to be abnormal, immoral, perverted, and so on. And then? We are not alone in our desires and the only ones – a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, a loved one, a partner – we are all very much the same, abnormal, immoral, perverted in our minds, we just never talk about it! 
After all, you may want to start with gentler desires and gradually move on. It is absolutely certain that the challenge of discovering 2018 sexuality will change us so that, for some months, life is completely different!

How about then? 
The first task was to be honest with you and formulate your wishes; I believe it will be made at the second Advent. 
And the second, very important and perhaps the same difficult task is to talk about it to your partner (of course if you want to experience it all together). And here it is wise to ask the partner what his dreams are. If you are lucky, your will is quite the same or at least mutually acceptable, and all that you experience will give you a new level of relationship. But if this is not the case, or your companion is not yet ready for such a challenge, then, everyone lives their only life, that is, you have the last time to give fire!

There is a widespread perception that one way or another of having sex is bad for the relationship, but in fact a strong relationship with sex testing is not detrimental. Attitude to trying / experiencing / experimenting (I love you anyway, does not have to worry about it) brings spice and excitement to the experience, because you are discouraged to discover a new one with yourself and your partner. At the same time, the more different someone wants what is considered to be a characteristic of a traditional monogamous relationship, the more secure and closer the relationship between them, however, requires. And the basis is that we can talk openly about sex with our partner, without fear of condemnation. Then everything is possible!

I have two suggestions from personal experiences too – the rules of the game must be agreed with the partner as precisely as possible. And we must give up any expectations – both negative and positive, the reality is that most prejudices turn out to be completely negligible afterwards.

We discussed with our husband what our challenges are and we had to admit that we have always set them up and made life all the time. We live in the same way in 2018, but we look for new nuances and go deeper in our experience. And it is possible that we will share the experience here.

So I know my 2018 year is full of frantic passion, flattering emotions, special companions and crazy sex 😁! Welcome to the club!

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