Linge massage training is popular in Estonia, but there are many prejudices related to this massage, including embarrassing attitudes and ridicule. It is easy for them to be critical of having no personal experience. But the fact that these trainings have been sold out shows the desire of women to learn more about men, their willingness to deal with themselves and their relationship. Isn’t that great?

I myself have been through such training a few years ago, quickly and not too deeply. At that time, I didn’t really use what I had learned, but now, as a devoted and mature one, it was time to discover a swaying massage for myself. 
This time I consciously chose a trainer offering a private and intimate approach, and so I was watering, about a month ago, one Sunday with a couple of twelve different ages and lifestyles in an erotic touch and a sling massage workshop. All in all, I think the women in our group felt relaxed on this day, in a small company, experienced everything in a more personal and safe way, without unnecessary tension and easier to get free. I myself went into the workroom openly and curiously and got more than I could have guessed!
Only a day-to-day retreat may be a problem. When she gets home from the course, she is extremely charged, full of special feelings, while the man is sharp, curious, sometimes skeptical or ironic. Obviously, the trainers would be wise to make a few suggestions to the woman for that evening, not to understand each other, but maybe even to quarrel. Based on my previous experience, I did not expect much from Man, but there was a bit of a tense moment, we were just so different on the waves. And since my desire was to pass on a little bit of experience, the only chance that night was to make him a twenty-minute face, head and shoulders massage, daytime news as background. It was so nice that it caused Man (and me) to look forward to the future.

For this real couple of hours of erotic massage, we only arrived now, last weekend. As a practical person, we planned a suitable time for this, and although ideally the woman should prepare the room and emotionally, she was rather casual. Together we took the necessary steps (we chose meditative music, lighted candles and incense, put a soft mat in a warm room and took off the fabric) creating a more suitable mood.
I took care of the whole massage process with care and creativity, and using the synopsis seemed rather confusing. I read it before, but I did everything at my best. Surprisingly, it wasn’t complicated, quite natural. I really do not think it is possible for anyone to fail here – the most important thing for a dear person is to offer time and a loving touch, then everything is right!

We need and look forward to the attention, tenderness and touch of our loved ones, and erotic massage is one of the ways to offer our partner complete relaxation and relaxation using strokes and strokes of different strengths. I used a lot of coconut oil, my touches were more vigorous, and because nudity allowed me to massage my partner with my body, all this was really exciting. The man’s eyes were closed all the time during the massage and later shared by him, and he considered this nuance very important. In this way, it was much easier for him to be in the moment and enjoy.
The Grande Final is lingering massage – massaging the penis of a man with dozens of different hands. When a man starts to reach an orgasm, time is taken for a moment, doing so many times and times. Being well controlled by my body, my Man has recurrent unfinished orgasms – it is a very powerful feeling to be part of the partner’s pleasure!

All in all, it was a truly special sexual experience for us – a quiet rousing of each other, sensual, nuanced, cognitive, and very, very excited for both. I felt that I offered great love for my touches, it was the respect and worship of the Man. My dearest looked at me after surprise, admiration and gratitude, my emotion was the same for him.

Lingering massage needs a lot of privacy and time, so for weekly practice it doesn’t get us. But next time we’ve already marked the calendar. 
The added bonus is that in everyday sex life there are a couple of high school practices, super!

I really recommend that women find a suitable erotic massage workshop for themselves, an experience that is broadening the world view and offering emotion. Everyone finds what it needs right now – crossing borders, the courage to open up, the sense of unity of women, the new skills, ideally the desire to share pleasure.

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