When a person is confronted by a personal physician in the fact that he or she is exposed to the risk factors for chronic illness, or even if the disease is already present, it is likely that everyone first faces the question: “ What can I eat at all?«. The denial of food in various diseases can be a great stress for the individual and many do not have sufficient motivation to maintain new eating habits in the long run. Chronic diseases are on the rise and now account for as much as 70% of all, therefore professional counseling on nutrition choices for these people is of utmost importance. It is also important that those who are socially and economically at risk are especially vulnerable, and because of the price inaccessibility, they are more difficult to afford recommended foods often presented by nutrition advisers as protective or health-beneficial foods.

In advising patients about the proper diet, we are often quite rigid, because people are mainly presented with restrictions, for example, which they can not enjoy too much, and which foods are undesirable to them. It is necessary to realize that food is the source of our lives, and on the other hand, it is also a pleasure for all of us. The loss of this pleasure for most people, when diagnosed, presents a serious loss in life. The latter explains the fact that an individual often rejects the health advice of a healthcare professional or insufficiently includes them in his lifestyle. Have you ever made a longer-term change in your diet? Have you tried to eat less added sugar and sugary foods in your diet or increase the intake of vegetables? A day or two still goes, then many give up, and continue their established diet pattern.

In order to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals who advise adults on primary health care, in the year 2017, within the framework of the Public tender of the Ministry of Health, the program “ I can eat – from dietary guidelines to the dishes on a plate of chronic patients«. Program applicant was Murska Sobota Regional Association in cooperation with the Pomurje Cancer Society and external experts from the National Institute of Public Health and Clinic. A series of e-cookbooks were developed that are adapted to the nutritional guidelines in various chronic conditions: increased cholesterol and blood fats, type 2 diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Each of the e-cooks upgrades the basic health guidelines that the patient can get to know with a personal doctor. The patient in the introductory part of the e-book obtains key information on healthy eating habits, porcine sizes, snacks, etc. In the following, he is acquainted with the skills to learn about his eating habits and the steps that need to be addressed, from purchasing food to eating food. An important added value of e-publications are recipes tailored to daily diet and festive desks. Each of the e-books contains about a hundred verified and simple recipes that are also suitable for people with less cooking skills. The recipes are mostly adapted for four people, which means that preparing healthy meals can also affect the healthy way of eating the entire family. They are also suitable as an idea for eating an individual in the workplace.

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