The Big Bang Theory Is Fiction

What was the beginning of our universe? How big is the universe, and how much time has passed? The present age of the universe is 13.7 billion years, the size of the universe is about 46.6 billion light years, and if it reaches the end of the universe, what is there?

The present universe is accepted as a theory that time and space have arisen from the big bang, and according to the latest physics theory, the 11th dimensional membranes of the parallel universe collide and a big bang has occurred. Einstein, however, proposed a “static universe,” with no expansion or contraction. 

Since then, various theories such as rapid expansion theory, M theory, inflation theory, string theory, and multi-cosmology have been published, but so far there seems to be no theory to replace the big bang theory.

Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory that the universe was born about 13.7 billion years ago started from a big explosion. Considering that the universe is expanding now, when we look back to the past, everything started to expand from one point to the present universe was born. 

Prior to the Great Explosion, all matter and energy present in the universe today was trapped in a small point, from which moment the material and energy exploded away from each other. The 

big bang theory was that in 1927 Georges Le Metre, a physicist and bride of the Belgian Catholic University, for the first time speculated about the origins of the universe, . This has evolved into the current big bang theory. 

Le Metre noted that as the past went on, the universe shrank and eventually all the material in the universe came together as a point, a “primitive atom,” that there was a time when space and time did not exist. 

In 1929, two years after Le Métro had announced the big bang theory, American astronomer Ed One Hubble discovered that redshifts occur in galaxies in outer space, and now the speed of universe expansion is accelerating.

bigbang_1A redshift refers to a phenomenon in which the wavelength of light emitted by an object increases. Generally speaking, the smaller the frequency in the visible light region of an electromagnetic wave (the longer the wavelength), the more red the object’s spectrum is shifted toward the red side. But all of the redshift galaxies are rapidly moving away from us.

Big Bang’s Error

In order to prove the big bang theory, many scientists have tried to replace the static cosmology with cosmic background radiation and begin to find the origins of the cosmos in the big bang theory. The birth of stars, galaxies, universe formation and structure, and life evolution to the big bang. 

However, if the universe expands with a big explosion, time has to be slowed down. It has been proven that the expansion rate of the universe is getting faster and faster, which is contrary to the big bang theory. 

In 1969, Robert Dicke discovered that if the universe was millions of years old, the present universe could not exist, even though the density of the universe material at the beginning of the Big Bang was slightly less than the critical density. If the average density and the critical density are the same, the universe is said to expand forever without shrinking or accelerating. 

However, the initial galaxy formation problem, the galactic rotation problem, and the structural problem of the universe are not enough to explain the big bang theory. It means that someone can not be created by chance unless they have elaborately designed the universe. 

Recently, scientists have found that the existence of the universe itself is so unusual that it is impossible to see by chance. After examining the physical constants such as the speed of light and the mass of electrons, physicists have found that the universe is very precise Respectively. 

For example, the proportion of electrons and proton masses is 1,837 times, and even if there is a slight difference in this value, the existence of the universe becomes impossible, and even if the ratio of the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force is only one-forty- .

And it is concluded that the present age of the universe is 13.7 billion years, and it is hard to make a huge structure like galaxies and galaxies. 

Another problem is the redness that demonstrates the expansion of the universe. Redshifts are caused by several causes, most notably by the Doppler effect. For example, if a celestial body is moved away from an observer, the wavelength of the light is prolonged and is observed from objects far away from the earth.

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The Doppler effect is a phenomenon in which the frequency from the source is different from the actual frequency. When the direction of the wave is the same as the direction of the wave when the wave is moving, the wavelength becomes shorter. On the contrary, when the wave and the wave move opposite to each other, the wavelength becomes longer. 

However, macroscopic sound waves, water waves, and seismic waves have a Doppler effect, but micopene waves, light waves, starlight, sunlight, and light waves have no Doppler effect. However, the rule made by distorting the Doppler effect on the micropine star is red. In a nutshell, the absence of redshifts is linked to the theory of cosmic expansion. 

When I thought about it, a huge explosion occurred at one point, and the sun was created by chance, and the solar system around which the planets revolve was made around the sun. And what do you think the heavens are gathered into the galaxy, and what is evolution different from evolution that thinks that life came into being by chance on Earth? 

The size and time of the universe we speak in the scientific world is, in fact, the only observable extent of the universe. It is impossible for us to predict how much time has passed and how large the space is. 

Because the age of the universe can not know how much time has passed if we accept that there is nothing constant that is set on the assumption that the rate of expansion is constant. 

We are now repeating the mistakes of the past.

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  1. What if the rate of expansion is accelerating by a constant amount?

    You’ve missed.something important about the expansion of the universe. We don’t see a Doppler redshift, we see a cosmological redshift. The difference is important because you fell into the trap of the point explosion BB. It is space that is expanding on a cosmological scale. Objects in the universe are carried along in space.


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