Human Reproduction Technology: Refute Ethics


In January 2016, an article reported that monkey hair transplantation was successful. However, it was paralyzed because the bone marrow was not connected to the neck, and it was euthanized by the ethical problem. 

Of course, animal hair transplant surgery is not the first time. 

japanmakake-585086_960_720There were 1908 hair transplants, but only minimal movement. In 1950, Vladimir Demikov, introduced in the LIFE magazine, was implanted in another dog’s shoulder to make a dog with two heads, , And then in 1970 by Robert White for the first time to succeed in monkey hair transplant surgery. 

Now, human hair transplantation, brain transplant surgery, and even human cloning technology, the realization may surprise the world even more.

Human Replication Technology The Ethical Disability:

In 1997, Ian Wilmott’s research team at the Rosslyn Institute in the UK received a great deal of attention as the first cloned sheep Dolly became known to the world. Since then, in 2002, the human cloning company, Cloneid, released the world’s first cloned baby eve, which has created a great impact on the world. 

When this happened, the ethical and legal sanctions were overturned. It was a significant shock at the time. 

Nevertheless, world pop star Michael Jackson was known to have wanted to be copied. 

President Clinton allows financial support for human embryo research in areas where it will help in the study of diseases such as various cancers, congenital anomalies or incurable diseases, and Britain is also allowed to replicate early human embryos for medical research purposes Respectively. 

What is the principle of human cloning? The principle was very simple. 

After removing the DNA from the ovaries of the female ovaries, the DNA is removed from the cells of the male or female cells and transplanted into the previously obtained ovum. If this is again implanted into the female uterus, a human clone is created . 

The issue of human cloning still raises the voices of opposition, rather than approving human cloning techniques, with bioethics in many countries. 

In addition to the development of biotechnology, bioethics determines ethics in relation to science technology and human values ​​in relation to the issue of how life should be respected.

Ethical issues are positive only to the extent that they do not escape nature’s providence. That is, if we make artificial creatures, the order of biological species will be destroyed, and the existing moral ideas will collapse or cause harm to the human body. 

Human cloning has escaped from the strong belief that it is the realm of God, and now it has taken the lead in anti-socialism such as birth control pills, artificial insemination, organ transplants, and transsexuals along with evolution and creationism.

Destruction Of Traditional Childbirth Methods:

We oppose the human cloning technique with the logic that we can maintain the order of nature under the family name by giving birth to a child who has a natural relationship with man and woman. 

However, if the logic is that women should give birth to their children as they go through the pain, it is not necessary to maintain the traditional way, and it should be considered as a matter of physical gender discrimination.


About 85% of women experience temporary depression after childbirth. This figure is one in 10, mainly depression, irritability, tears, anxiety and mood change symptoms, such as 0.2 to 1% of the severity of postpartum mental neurosis is sick. 

Women who are breastfeeding by staying at home to raise their children after childbirth should be breastfed and women who are senior managers must stop working voluntarily because of family problems. There are many people who think that women’s rights have improved a lot but they are still women’s only thing. 

Female circumcision is also sex discrimination. 

According to UNICEF statistics in 2015, at least 400 million unwanted circumcision victims are estimated by custom. 

Female circumcision is performed in an unsanitary environment. In this process, it causes severe side effects such as malfunctions, infertility, infection, and sometimes death. In addition, due to the circumcision ceremony, girls must live in suffering for the rest of their lives. 

Is not wrong practice or gender discrimination so immoral and unethical? If a technology can artificially cultivate a child in the near future, it is also clear that it is also opposed to natural labor.

Concerns About Birth Defects Through Human Cloning Experiments: 

There were numerous failures before Dolly first saw the light in this world. Ethics seems to be a matter of concern, as it can be seen from the fact that there were 276 attempts before the cloning sheep were born. It claims that many risks and sacrifices will come into the human cloning process, can cause deformations like deformities, and can lead to fatal genetic diseases. 

However, transplantation has become possible through the experimentation of many animals. It is estimated that about 500 million animals, excluding invertebrates, are used as experimental animals worldwide, and some are caught in the wild and used as experimental animals. This figure is clearly higher than the probability that a deformed baby will be born. 

Observations of organ transplants, drug reactions, military experiments, product experiments, and growth processes or psychological experiments have been applied to humans based on the results, and it is not an exaggeration to say that medicine has developed because of the sacrifice of many animals. 

For example, they often take blood or surgery to incise the uterus of pregnant animals, or do not sleep, do not give food or water, cause cancer or brain damage, or deliberately suffer new drug development And the experiment for the safety of the cosmetics.

It is important to note that animals that have undergone healthy organs, especially those that are transplanted to other animals, should live with pain and suffering from a different physical condition. This behavior can not justify the act of hurting animals for the benefit of man, and applying ethics only to humans is a less logical idea. Because animals also feel pain or joy. 

The success of animal experiments can also be damaging to humans. 

The results of the polio research on monkeys had the opposite effect on humans. After that, we could solve the problem by cultivating human tissues, and the new medicines, which had no problem in animal experiments, It also became fatal.


In 1963, an animal experiment did not find a link between smoking and lung cancer. In order to test the outcome or sexuality of AIDS research, There are also cases. 

Conversely, what would have been the result of observing the use of condoms, sex education, and smokers against the participants? It is possible to obtain good results by observing only those who are ill or who are suffering from the disease. 

Animals that are not respected at all by one’s life and intended to be used only as human means should be regarded as bioethics discrimination to confine ethics to human beings. If animal ethics should be used to limit human cloning techniques, animal experiments should also be stopped immediately do.

The Problem Of Sex Identity: 

When human cloning becomes real, it loses the role of childbirth, and leads the pursuit of pleasure only. It is also necessary to understand that genitalia are tools for the preservation of human species, but not simply for having children. 

Sex transformation has become a world where everyone can change sex without complicated procedures. There is a survey that says that one male per 10,000 women and one female per 30,000 women want sexual transfusion. In recent years, men’s sexual regeneration surgery is prominent, and male and female transsexual rates are almost similar. 

Male transsexual processes include ovaries, hysterectomy, breast removal, and urethral surgery, and women’s transsexual processes include mastication, silicone-assisted breast augmentation, testicular extraction and vaginal surgery. 

The world’s first person who has undergone transsexual surgery is known as the Inner Mogens Wegener. 

Ana Mogens Wegener seemed to be living a normal marriage by marrying a wife who was a painter at the time. One day, when the model could not come out by accident, she was dressed up by the invitation of his wife. At this time, she discovered her identity.

He used the name Lily Elbe when he was dressed, but he wanted to become a woman until he came to Germany in 1930 and became the world’s first sex change surgery. However, despite the five – time operation due to the body ‘s rejection, he died at the end of 1931. This story was also produced by the movie “Danish Girl”. In Korea, the transgender became widely known due to Harisu. 

But transgender does not mean only physical transformation. 

Among transgender, there are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Men are more likely to be sexually active, such as those who think of themselves as women, want to associate with women, or think of themselves as men and want fellowship, and others seem to be heterosexual. . 

Some of those who have undergone transsexual surgeries are regrettable, but they are not legally protected and do not receive support from their family or friends. 

Due to the development of sex culture, prostitution, transsexuals, and homosexuals are steadily increasing and are being replaced by generations for pleasure. Therefore, the problem of low fertility will be a good solution for human reproduction technology.

Commercialization Of Human Cloning: 

Most people want to live with a healthy body for a long time. Some people who want a child but do not have it because of infertility, some who appeal to pain because their organs do not play a role, and human reproduction technology is an indispensable element as there are people who are born deformed and have to live with uncomfortable lifetime. It needs to be recognized. 

Many of them can not have children due to infertility, so one pair of seven pairs is sterile. Infertility refers to cases in which a couple is not pregnant within a year without contraception. Infertility is caused by various causes such as loss of reproductive organs due to various illnesses or accidents, disturbance of sex hormones by high obesity, smoking, drugs, severe stress, etc. Currently, various treatments have been developed for infertility treatment, Thanks to that, I have a few children. Of course, if you can not have a child despite the treatment, or if you need transplantation, you can use human cloning technology. 

In the movie Ireland, which deals with human cloning, it is logical to continue the story of commercializing human cloning, transplanting necessary organs to a sponsor or giving birth to an infertile couple. 

From the perspective of cloning human beings, when some people survive only from the disaster of the earth, they believe that they are few survivors. They live with great hopes for going to an uncontaminated island, but after being used as a sponsor’s organ transplantation or substitutional birth tool, To kill them.

Film Ireland has a somewhat shocking story, but the development of 3D printing technology is not going to do terrible things. By using biotechnology-based cell printing technology, we are able to produce real-life organs. 

Recently announced that it has succeeded in printing the eye cells (central nervous system) to help blind optic nerve treatment by the team of Cambridge Bridge researchers in the UK. 

Cell-printing technology is good enough to say that transplantation is possible within 10 years. If arm transplantation is needed, it can be applied to make living bone cells, to transplant patients by burning skin tissues, or to artificially cultivate and commercialize beef on the table. 

The taste of beef meat is similar to that of beef, but it is a disadvantage that strong meat is not smelled. NASA has plans to make pizza that can be eaten in space with this technology, and now some companies have even commercialized food printing. If the taste of livestock meat and the taste and flavor of laboratory meat are the same, why not find artificial food rather than slaughtered food? Furthermore, if you can control your calories, you can develop foods that do not get fat even if you eat a lot, so you do not have to diet harder. 

If human cloning and printing technology comes out, it may provide a fresh body to a patient who needs a new body in the ideal of the body. 

It is an extremely natural process to develop human cloning technology in accordance with the reproductive instinct. This is because reproduction is necessary only when the new life can not be created scientifically.

If the human cloning technology becomes a reality, the process of failure is short, but the result will be very great, and it must be a wonderful technology that will make possible the treatment of malaise, various cancers, and any incurable diseases. 

Biotechnology is one of the medical development processes and human reproduction technology should be the main axis if we think about human disease or suffering. Medicine that has evolved to lessen human suffering is now in need of a new direction and awareness of biotechnology.

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