Gender Minority Human Rights Protection – When To Acknowledge And Accept Them

A person who is physically male or female but who mentally thinks he is the opposite sex is called transgender. Among them, there are a growing number of people who are living with biologically opposite sex after surgery. 

However, in the case of a transsexual sociologist, societal prejudice is so severe that it is a fact that most people do not receive the approval of transsexuality. In some areas, however, marriage and adoption are permitted, or perceptions are significantly changed, increasing the number of legal recognition areas.

A Third Gender Is Born.


Thailand is one of the countries that recognize transgender. Thailand has a university where transgender people can travel, not to mention the legal support of the country. 

As the world’s first “third province” to be specified in the constitution in 2015, a spokesperson for the Constitutional Commission of Kannun City Samarn said, “As the Thai society progresses, the third province will be specified in the Constitution. The sexes have equal rights to the protection of the law. ” 

In August 2018, Germany reported that it had approved the registration of a “third gender”, not a male or a female, when it wrote gender in the official record. It is based on the decision of the German Constitutional Court in November last year to allow a third sex to be recorded when sex is recorded, or to completely eliminate sex. 

Previously, in April 2014, the Supreme Court ruling in India recognised the “Hizura” group as the third province. This group is known to have played a religious role as a man, not a woman. The Supreme Court has reported that “all human beings have the right to choose their gender,” acknowledging the rights of those with the third gender. 

In India, gender minorities with various sexual identities, such as transgender, cross-dresser, and masculine male, are called “hijra”. 

Of course, in South Asia, such as India, where there is a free castle there is an opposing area. In Korea, it seems that there are still a lot of people who are disgusted with transgender.

Every year, queer festivals are held nationwide. Every time festivals are held, opposition groups flock to the streets, and some people throw violently. 

There is a strong opposition teacher who has a strong dislike to know that there is a transgender student in a dormitory, and there are strong opposition groups saying that it is against the providence of nature. 

In fact, they realize that it was always ours, not just those who showed no hostility to us but a sense of homosexuality outside of common sense. 

Some people think that “transgenders are rather intense and sensitive”, and that is what we are looking at as disgusting, how they will not react sensitively.

Sexual Minorities Are Not The Cause Of Low Fertility.

What is the providence of nature? A man and a woman meet and love and get a child through a woman, and the child grows up and paired with a person who loves again and has a child. Some religions contend that if they are bisexual or homosexual, they can not rebel against the gods or produce children and that human beings can not reproduce. 

However, third sex can not be the cause of low fertility. 

Due to the development of science, children are less likely to die than in the past. Thus, even with a small number of children, it is possible to preserve species without difficulty, and with the success of the artificial uterine experiment for animals in 2017, a path was opened for children without following traditional methods. 

With the growing interest in human cloning technology, the era of human cloning technology will make it easier to have children and regenerate some of the lost functions of all kinds of diseases and accidents. 

This will not only mean that you will no longer have many children, but it will also increase your chances of entering the era of aging society. 

According to a press release from August 2018, the birth rate is declining and the aging process is beginning to reach the skin. Korea’s average age is 41.6 years, and the proportion of elderly people over 65 years old has exceeded 14%, and the age of aging has entered the age of aging society. I expect to do.

When the age of aging comes, the phenomenon of overpopulation becomes more prominent, and various problems will be intensified, such as the gap between rich and poor, employment difficulties, food and energy problems, natural destruction, and climate change. It still coexists with poor countries that have no income or are forced to starve their ships. 

The world population at the end of the eighteenth century, when Malthus warned of an overpopulation of poverty, was less than a billion people. It took just a few centuries for one billion more people to grow, and 11 billion more people now suffice. 

The United Nations predicts that the world population will peak at around 11 billion in 2100. However, it is true that the quality of life is significantly lower than the population, so it is necessary to improve the quality of life by controlling the appropriate number of population. 

In the past, when women or men were lacking in order to preserve species, incestuous practices such as allowing marriage in family relationships were prevalent. 

It is not difficult to find this record in the ancient literature, let us guess what the situation was like. But now you do not have to do this. 

Sea turtles lay a lot of eggs when they are in the spawning season, and the cubs hatched from the eggs crawl toward the sea. The problem is that the predators are aiming for eggs and the survival rate is very low.

It is not safe to arrive at sea. It is because it is caught in large fish. So the survival rate is only a few. If people are helped, the survival rate can be raised, but the problem is that the ecosystem is in trouble. 

Similarly, in nature, humans are just parasites, so it is necessary to adjust to the right population and adapt to nature.

Sex Minorities Are Not The Culprits Of AIDS.


AIDS virus (HIV) can not be denied, but HIV / AIDS can be minimized if adequate education is provided. 

Condoms will be the biggest cause of AIDS. Sex without a condom increases the risk of becoming infected with germs. Of course, even if one side is not clean, the probability of infection increases. 

This is not necessarily the same sex. Because it can be infected even in the opposite sex, it is a danger that it becomes a disease danger. However, if the importance of using condoms is sufficiently marked, it can be prevented. 

AIDS is transmitted through the body fluids of an infected person, such as blood, semen, vaginal discharge, and breast milk. When you look at the infection pathway, it is transmitted through syringes, needles, and blood transfusions. Most of them are infected through sexual intercourse, and in Korea, they average 97%. 

It causes the infected man to infect the woman through oral, vaginal and anal, and men can also be infected through the woman’s blood or vaginal discharge through sexual intercourse with the infected woman. 

Although AIDS is stigmatizing that it is only a homosexual disease, it is a misunderstanding. Because anyone who has been exposed to fluids from an HIV-infected person can get it. 

HIV is now spreading not only to men and women, but even to children, and it is said that the number of HIV / AIDS patients is actually increasing among heterosexual people.

Therefore, it is better to use condoms if you can not be sure that your partner is not infected with HIV because anyone who is HIV-positive, homosexual or heterosexual can be transmitted through sex. 

People with STDs are more likely to be infected with HIV than people who have not. If you have sexually transmitted diseases, you may not have used condoms. 

But why is it related to sexually transmitted diseases? 

Common types of sexually transmitted diseases include syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, malaria, and herpes. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, cause ulcers or wounds in the skin or mucous membranes. When ulcers occur around the genital area, Sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, that can cause infections and do not hurt the skin, can be infected with HIV through inflammation. 

Unlike vaginal intercourse, when friction is applied during anal sex, frictional heat breaks the skin and increases the likelihood of HIV infiltration through the gaps. 

Therefore, the use of condoms during sexual intercourse can be a good preventative measure to minimize HIV infection as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Are Sex Minorities Subject To Hate?


If there are those who are not welcome in the Bible, they will be minorities. In the Bible, homosexuals are set to be immoral and abnormal, and the normal marriage in the Bible is the union of men and women. 

When we think about the environment at that time, we had to endure the harsh cold and protect ourselves from the beasts. 

However, since there was no scientific knowledge, it was exposed to diseases, so we had to give birth to many children as in the case of the sea turtles described above. If homosexual love was rampant at a time when the population was small, humans would soon have perished, 

so homosexuality would have to be rigorous and lawful. 

Fortunately, now I have no reason to do this. Anyone can freely enjoy sex with their own, and if you want, men can become women and women become men. 

It is also time for men to become women and to be sexually transfigured as men, and it is time to acknowledge and accept them rather than discriminate by gender. 

In the Bible, even today, its roots are so deep that we still have an impact on society, and we do not realize that we are a learned behavior, or self-programmed behavior, as a sort of repetition. 

Yes. It is only the learned behavior of society as a repetition to think of them as objects of dislike. If you have been born and studied in Thailand, you will change your mind to accepting, not abhorrence.

We, those who are accustomed to old practices and customs, are forced to feel awkward and cause fear.

Age Of Disappearing Gender

If a man has a sports head with a broad shoulder, it should be rough, but if a woman is a woman with a thin body makeup, long hair and wearing a skirt. However, when the third sex appears, the sex is separated and the confusion is increasing. If a 

man wears a skirt or stockings, his gaze does not appeal. 

Looking back at the origin of the skirts, the Sumerians wrapped cloths from the waist to the ankle 3,000 BC, and the ancient Roman men were also wearing skirts, while the skirts of the women were long, while the skirts of men were generally short. This is because they had to work or go to battle, and they were much simpler to produce than they were before the pants. 

With the development of sewing techniques, a man with a lot of activity began to wear pants that would protect his legs and work well, and the women wore long skirts as they were. 

When the first pants appeared, it was bizarre, and some were not going to wear it, but it was popular because it was easy to wear pants rather than a skirt to ride a horse. 

Since then, Qin Shi Huang has unified China, and soldiers are all wearing pants. 

It was said that the pants became gender equality because of the popularity of bicycles in the 1800s. At that time, women were wearing long skirts, such as tightening their bodies with corsets, and women were also worn as casual wear because of the popularity of bicycles. 

Stocking is a good way to highlight the most feminine image. But stocking was originally a man’s exclusive property. A leather cover designed to protect a man’s leg is of today.

In the 4th century, clergymen wore white stockings that climbed over their knees, and from the 7th century on, there was a fashionable stocking of gorgeous gold silk among the finest men in France. It was around the 14th century that women started wearing stockings. 

Stockings were originally worn on the lower body for the purpose of protecting the legs with socks and pants, but in the 15th century it was the length that reached the waist. By the 16th century, the trunk hose appeared as the upper part was widened, and the lower part was separated and called the stocking of hooves. 

As such, clothes that have been changed in accordance with the environment must now be changed into acceptance, as in the first place there is no distinction in gender, and furthermore, discrimination in gender should be eliminated. 

It is beneficial for you to live a life you want through sex transitions because you are born and have been given the name you do not want, but you are given an unwanted gender as you found happiness with the renamed name.

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