Reasons for abdominal distension

Abdominal distension is not only a cosmetic problem, it is a chronic disease. It is also a health problem that must be checked before proceeding. In this article, we will look at the reasons for bloating and the natural remedies that will ease it.

Do not chew

This problem is a common problem that arises from the urgent work of modern people.

Many of us work as often as we stand, eat, chat, and eat quickly, so we do not chew food.

This problem slows and prevents digestion , making the body much more difficult to digest and can cause other discomfort and abdominal distension.

There are a number of other benefits, such as chewing food well, making it more hungry and eating less overall. 

Remember , the digestive process begins with mixing well with the saliva , a major digestive enzyme in the mouth . The more we chew our food, the better we treat it in the body.

Intestinal parasite

Embryonic parasites are a big problem, but unfortunately it is very hard to notice. This is because parasites are blamed for their host rather than for lack of symptoms.

For example, parasites can cause tension, excitement, eating disorders, itching around the anus , and abdominal distension . Some people experience bloating after eating a food that does not fit well, but in this case they experience bloating whatever they eat.

It is not easy to remove parasites naturally. The consumption of sugar and flour food, the food of parasites, must be reduced or cut off altogether.

There are supplements like garlic and eat, diet include pumpkin seeds, coriander, spicy and many other must add.

Lactobacillus can be eaten to aid in the production of healthy intestinal bacteria, and constipation such as parasite infection should be avoided.

Supplements such as garlicsurfeit

Even if it is good for your body, eating too much or eating more than you need in your body can cause abdominal bloating.

We should always stop eating as soon as we feel satisfied. But already we are hungry, but sometimes we want to eat dessert, which is a good example of overeating.

A good way to avoid this is to drink tea that helps digestion instead of eating dessert . This may prevent abdominal swelling.


There are especially gas-induced foods, and certain people are more susceptible to this problem than others.

In this case, we recommend drinking tea made from anise, mint, lemon balm, and spices such as cumin and fennel in soups, especially in foods known to cause beans or gas.


Food hypersensitivity

Sometimes, we experience gas because of the irritability of foods we do not know. The most common culprits are gluten and lactose  , and if you suspect one of these hypersensitivities, you need to get a proper diagnosis.

One way to confirm this is to take these foods out of the diet for a month.

The result is to determine whether the situation is better or less bloated.

Mental problem

In addition to all the reasons listed above, some people have difficulty digesting with mental problems. This is because the function of the fire extinguisher system is related to our experience and well-being .

In these cases, patients may find that the bloating is associated with more mental stress than usual.

To solve this problem, try using therapists or homeopaths , or try other relaxation therapies such as massage, reflexology, yoga, and Tai Chi .

Mental problem

A bad dinner

Dinner should be the least burdensome meal of the day, because at night there is not much energy left in the body to digest the food.

If you wake up in the morning and feel the bloating, it is time to change the time you eat.

Salads are pretty good for health, but it is better to eat during the day or at lunch. Cooked vegetables and sauces are better to eat in the evening.

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