Never Lifetime Clean Your Penis, This Happens to Youth in England

Jakarta Television viewers in England were disgusted when they saw a health program. In the program entitled ” The Sex Clnic “, a man came to a health professional and revealed that he had never cleaned his penis intimate organ properly for 24 years or during his lifetime.

Quoted from The Sun on Thursday (03/07/2019), the man named Zach came with a problem with his penis. He experiences pain and irritation to the skin at the tip of the penis . It is known, he did not do circumcision.

The pain even lasted nine months. Her foreskin also tightens and smells when she has sex. In addition, he also revealed that he had experienced gonorrhea due to unsafe sex.

One sex partner said, the possibility of this happened because of growth. However, a nurse from the program said that at the age of 24, the growth of her penis had stopped.

“One day I looked down and it surprised me, I needed to solve this problem. I saw it and it looked bleak. It smells rotten,” the young man from Gloucestershire told the host. That made him fail in making love.

“This is obviously frustrating because you know, sex life,” Zach complained as quoted from IFL Science.


When examined, Dr. Naomi Sutton found that the man had smegma. This condition occurs due to oil buildup and moisture. The buildup is not healthy. This can cause swelling and infection.

This condition can be treated by cleaning the inside of the penis. Unfortunately, Zach had never done that before. He revealed that he had never pulled his foreskin to clean the inside of his penis.

Smegma due to the dirty inside of the penis foreskin is indeed vulnerable to occur in those who are not circumcised. Quoting the Mayo Clinic , circumcision does make cleaning the part easier. However, for men who are not circumcised, it’s good to regularly clean the lower part of the foreskin regularly

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