5 Sex Positions That Always Make Addicted Wives

It is not a climax, but it is the movement from the sex position that makes it difficult for wives to forget it. From there they could find what they were looking for.

Although sex can make people happy , sex alone does not make a woman orgasm. In fact, only 18 percent of women report that penetration can make them reach climax. Then what about 82 percent of other women?


To find out, the Health page conducted an anonymous survey to ask what sex positions made women get extraordinary Big O, and this was the answer.

1. Oral sex

Whether this is part of foreplay or the main part, oral sex is a way to get your wife to get big O. One reason, the soft movements in there are more intense than the touch of the hand or penis. Not to mention the pressure from the tongue and the sensations that are produced further increase passion so exciting.

2. Cowgirl

Commonly known as woman on top . This sex position  is very crazy for women because it allows their bodies to get a lot of stimulation, especially in the breast.

In addition, when men’s hands are free to roam, they can balance with slow or fast shake. Some women admit, when their nipples are stimulated, they are easy to climax.

Doggy style

3. Doggy style

Those who like back sex, this style is very popular. some women claim that doggy style facilitates masturbation when she is having sex behind her. That is, this style promises two pleasures of sex as well as women. Interested in trying it?

4 Spooning

This side by side sex has a tame and comfortable reputation. Many women love it because there is a lot of intimacy in it, not to mention the hands of men can freely explore the breasts and clitoris, which makes passion more heated.

5. Missionaries with their feet raised

Classic sex style is very easy to do, but not all women can get an orgasm from here. But another story if one of their legs is lifted over the partner’s shoulder. When the feet are raised, the clitoris will get greater stimulation so that the resulting taste is different.

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