4 Sex Positions that Offer Deep Intimacy

Sex is the most intimate relationship physically. However, there are several sex positions that offer emotional intimacy more deeply. So that, can make the bond between husband and wife stronger again.

Here are four sex positions that you must have known before but offer deep intimacy as reported by Prevention, Monday (1/28/2019).

1. Missionary

The most basic sex position but never boring. This position not only offers comfort, but also makes husbands and wives connected to each other because they can copy and see, hear, and touch their partners as conveyed by sex therapists from California, United States, Sara Nasserzadeh.

2. Spooning

Making love hug each other is the same as making the body produce abundant octison as delivered by sex therapist Debra Laino. The spooning position makes the wife feel so cared for, guarded, and protected by a partner.

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3. Doggy style

One position that presents the opportunity for orgasm together. For women, this position offers deep penetration. While for men, said Nasserzaderh, it can make adrenaline increase.

4. Making love under a shower shower

Having sex in the bathroom always sounds romantic. Gurgling water plus the touch of He can make passion more burning. In addition, according to sexologist Eric Marlowe, making love under a splash of warm water makes you and your partner more relaxed. Orgasm for women is likely to be greater.

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