4 Safest Sex Positions for Joint Pain Patients

The position of good and true sex is the dream of all couples. As normal humans, anyone who has a legitimate life partner certainly feels the desire to live an active sexual life.

Not only beneficial to physical and mental health, undergoing active sexual activity can also strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Unfortunately, there are times when sexual life is hampered due to joint pain  experienced, and this is not impossible to cause frustration.

Because of that the right sex position should also be considered for sufferers of joint pain. In fact, the right sex position for sufferers of joint pain depends on the location of the joint that is experiencing pain.

Arthritis Research of UK recommends several types of safe sex positions for some forms of joint pain , including:

1. Having sex with the position of women and men side by side

The way to do this type of position is to position the bodies of both partners lying side by side, facing each other. One of the pair’s legs is flanked by the partner’s feet. This position is good for men who have joint pain problems in the back and have just undergone surgery in the pelvic area.


Woman on Top

2. Position of woman on top (woman on top) and man on top (man on top)

The way to do this type of sex position is the man lying on his back, and the woman kneeling or lying on it. This position is good for men with pelvic or knee pain, while the woman is in good health.

But if the woman has pelvic or knee problems, the position can be changed to the man above. When the woman is under, place a pillow under the pelvis or thigh to support, if the woman has pelvic, back or knee problems


Sex Position Standing

3. Standing sex position

In this position, both the man and woman position themselves standing. The woman can rely on objects / furniture with appropriate height and penetration from behind.

This position is right for you and your partner who has knee pain so it is difficult to do kneeling movements.


Woman lying down

4. Woman lying at the end of the bed

If the woman cannot manipulate the pelvis or knee, the sex position that can be chosen is the position of the woman lying at the end of the bed.

The way to do this position is a woman lying on her back at the end of the bed and the man kneeling and then penetrating from the front.

If one position causes tension in your joints, it’s a good idea to experiment with other styles.

The use of bearings, supports, or various objects / furniture can help achieve a position that provides comfort for you and your partner.

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