Leg Exercises

leg exercises

Leg exercises , one of the  most loved and hated muscle groups in this sport. The muscles of the legs are among the largest in the body, so training them provides a significant metabolic effect.

The gym routines that focus on the muscles of the legs, stimulate the release of growth hormones that increases muscle mass , in addition, improve your ability to perform cardiovascular exercises, since strong legs are translated into better resistance and step, a stronger core.

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The leg exercises work in most cases the buttocks , which are metabolically the most active muscles and work it makes you burn a lot of calories, besides that strong glutes means better performance in any other activity.

In each of the exercises in this section I will show you how to perform the exercises properly  , which muscle works each exercise and the most common failures that are usually committed.

Exercises  Leg ideal

You have to introduce compound exercises such as hack squats, squats, deadlifts and presses , as well as isolation movements such as femoral flexion and leg extension , both at the end of the session and to perform a pre-exhaustion of the legs.

The right style in leg exercises

We must focus on applying an appropriate style in the leg exercises to avoid injuries .

Have a partner available to help you in the heavier leg sessions watching your movements is ideal to optimize results, if you train alone, be careful in the heavier series.

Best exercises for quadriceps


Series and repetitions for quadriceps

  • With multi-joint exercises:
    • Realize them in ranges of forces.
    • 4-6 series between 5 or 6 repetitions.
    • Reserve an exercise of between 8 and 12 repetitions in a one-sided exercise.
    • It does not make sense to lose 8 repetitions in bilateral exercises that do not have free weight as press.
  • Isolation exercises (occupy a maximum of 25% of the total series of your routine)
    •  From 8 to 12 repetitions.
    • 2 recommended exercises are:
      • Quadriceps extension in specific machine.
      • Sissy squats.

Quadriceps exercise execution speed

  • Quadriceps, fast fibers
    • 3/0/1/0 Explosion movement
      • 3 second phase of descent, 0 seconds down, 1 second of rise, 0 seconds of maximum contraction.

Best exercises for the femoral

  • Romanian deadlift.
  • stiff-legged deadlift. SLDL. (dead weight with stiff legs).
  • Pendulum exercise with one leg.
  • Dead weight to one leg.
  • Swing with kettelbell. In its hip version, that is, working with the flexion of it or with the hinge movement.
  • Nordic Curl.

Wideness of legs

  • Narrow
  • Wide
  • Half
  • In a narrow range the quadriceps is activated exactly as in a wider position, denying the myth, if it is true that we work less the back of the leg but the quadriceps works the same.
  • If we want to gain aesthetics it does not matter the width of legs, there is hardly any difference between one position or another.
  • In strength sports, the greater the amplitude of the legs, the greater the acceleration phase.
  • If we want to improve the health of knees, the best position would be medium or wide.

Rotation of feet

  • Mainly with which you feel more comfortable to perform the exercise.
  • The majority of expert authors in force usually recommend a rotation of feet of 10:10 (Hour of clock)
    • The left foot looking at the 10th hour and the right at the 10th minute.
  • The more we rotate the feet towards the exterior, the greater the activation of the internal coarse.


Common mistakes in leg exercises

One of the most common mistakes that even great professionals have is that they tend to fail in the femoral muscles  when using nothing more leg flexions for the development. Use the leg presses and deadlifts in your leg exercises and you will see how the The femoral muscles are on par with the quadriceps.

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