Chest exercises

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In this section   we will see a great variety of chest exercises per work area .

For many who usually go to the gym, the chest is usually a pending issue. We know that genetics always plays an important role but you also have to know how to choose the exercises that will help us increase muscle mass in this part of the body.


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With this section we open a range of possibilities so that having a perfect breast is not an excuse.

Exercises  for different chest

You must work the different angles for chest as they are inclined, declined and flat as well as multi-angular to affect the internal and external zones.

It is essential to add other isolation exercises to optimize your routine.

Chest exercises to increase volume

Any exercise for pectoral well done, will lead to an increase in volume . The pectorals need powerful and controlled movements. Control the negative phases. Perform explosive  thrust movements trying to catch as many kilos as possible. Performs slower movements  both in the execution and in the return to your initial position. All these techniques will help you break more muscle fibers and consequently improve the chest volume.

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