Twins and soleus exercises

Twins and soleo


The twins and the soleus are another of the muscles forgotten in all routine. These two muscles are part of the so-called calf. Although most people only perform twins exercises, the soleus is another part of the calf that can not be forgotten because not only will we obtain a more volumizing calf, but we will decrease, for example, the risk of tendinitis injury.

This muscle in particular, creates a greater number of withdrawals to exercise it because their evolution is poor , blaming the genetics for it. Although genetics helps a lot in the progress or evolution of the twins and soleus, we must also stimulate it adequate to grow to be lack of stimulation one of the main failures of stagnation. Next we will see where are the twins and the soleus, how to stimulate the calves for further growth , and the most common exercises of this peculiar muscle.

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What are the twins and the soleus, where are they located?

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According to several studies, the soleo is composed mainly of fibers of slow contraction and the gastrocnemius has approximately the same proportion of fibers of slow and fast contraction. This means that when working on the soleus it could be positive to perform high repetitions at a high frequency, while the gastrocnemius training can be more variable.

How to stimulate twins and soleus for further growth

  • Exercise variation: It is not very useful to train the twins with routine exercises in which we always do the same machines, same series, same repetitions, vary the workouts and intensity in each one of them.
  • You can work more times : A routine of twins can be worked even 3 or 4 days a week because it is a small muscle recovery is greater. You can train for example 2 days heavy training and 2 light training days.
  • Elevated loads: The muscles of the leg support great weights for it for a good stimulation it uses heavy loads realizing of 8 to 15 repetitions with the maximum possible load increasing the weight in the next training.
  • Light loads: This type of loads at high repetitions will allow you greater muscle congestion. inducing a greater flow and blood circulation. Perform 3 series at 60-100 repetitions with light load will mean a more vasodilated and bulky twin.
  • Explosive movements: Performing these movements is going to serve to surprise the muscle by reacting it. For example, performing multi-bumps.
  • Do not rest more than a minute between sets.
  • Mark a slight pause up to accentuate the muscle contraction, and another down to ensure the stretch of the same.
  • Avoid bouncing .

 Exercises for twins and soleus


  • Calf raising sitting Calf
    extension sitting
    stretching seated Advanced stretch in the air


  • Normal seated heel
    lifts Seated heel lifts with pause:
    Seated heel explosive lifts: One-
    sided foot
    raise Squat to parallel

The twin will develop mainly thanks to the standing lifts with the knees locked , while the soleus will be worked mainly thanks to those exercises in which we have the knees bent or slightly bent like the elevations of sitting heel or lifts donkey style

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