Shoulder exercises

The shoulders   are one of the parts of our body that can give us more problemswith respect to injuries (8 to 13% of gym injuries are shoulder injuries) .

It is a delicate area due to the fact that we indirectly work the shoulders in other routines such as chest or dorsal, overloading them and increasing the probability of injury.


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Shoulder exercises: Shoulder muscles

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The shoulder is mainly divided by the deltoid muscles , which are located above the biceps, covering the shoulder joint, these muscles are composed of three large sections: posterior deltoid (57% slow fibers, 43% fast fibers), anterior deltoids (55% slow fibers, 45% fast fibers) and medium deltoids (46% slow fibers, 54 fast fibers) . The middle section is the largest section of the 3, so it is usually given a higher priority in training.

How to exercise the shoulders correctly

The shoulders are a delicate muscle group  where the majority of people have had some type of ailment or discomfort for it is advisable to exercise them in a very cautious and appropriate way to prevent future injuries.

  • Essential to catch the right weight : Being smaller muscles than for example the pectorals or dorsal we must use a much smaller weight, with it, we will facilitate the route and the technique preventing injuries.
  • Slow and concentrated movements: When performing movements of this type we will be able to locate and create greater tension in the muscle obtaining a greater muscular development.
  • Perform at most 4 exercises in each shoulder routine: The shoulders intervene in many exercises in an indirect way, leading to greater activity and leading to muscle overload and possible injury.
  • Help from a partner : In some exercises such as sitting dumbbell presses, it is advisable as much as possible to assist you both when lifting dumbbells and when you are going to release them avoiding possible jerks, wrist injuries or future shoulder injuries.

Speed ​​of execution of the exercise depending on the objective

  • Stability : Increase stability, prevent injuries or recover from injuries we will work with this type of speed, it would work with slow cadence 3020/2020


3021 – 3 seconds in eccentric phase- 0 seconds in final phase – 2 seconds concentric phase -1 second in phase of maximum contraction.

  • Muscle mass / strength : We will work explosively because the medial portion of the deltoid is a portion that has a high predominance of fast fibers. 3010


3010- 3 seconds eccentric phase-0 seconds in final phase- 1 seconds in concentric phase – 0 seconds in maximum contraction.

Some of the best  shoulder exercises


  • Pres military sitting behind the bar
  • Military press sitting with bar
  • Lateral lifting with dumbbells
  • Face pull

Exercises with more muscle development performing less number of exercises.

Exercises for the anterior Deltoids :

  • Military press sitting behind the bar
  • Military press sitting with bar
  • Press inclined with bar

Exercises for the middle Deltoids:

  • Dumbbell lateral lifts
    Press military behind the neck with bar
  • Face pull

Exercises for the posterior Deltoids:

  • Face pull
  • Bird

Tips to improve your shoulder training

  • Alternating bar and dumbbell exercises
  • Includes pulley exercises in the shoulder routines.
  • You can include a routine of shoulders and legs in case of not having much time.
  • Do not train shoulders with pectorals or bibs on the same day.
  •  It is advisable not to train shoulders and pectorals or backs on consecutive days (for example Monday Shoulders, Tuesday (you can not train neither chest nor bib)
  • Work flexibility in regard to the chest and the anterior deltoid, being more effective training a day off and not in warm-ups.
  • Pay special attention to the rotator cuff with specific exercises.
  • Do not forget to strengthen the top of the bib to obtain more compensation with the shoulders.

Most common errors of shoulder exercises

  • Do not heat or bad heating .
  • Excessive weight
  • Do not do a specific job in the rotator cuff.
  • Excessive exercises behind the neck : The exercises behind the neck generate a greater possibility of injuries.
  • Muscle overload: Performing too much exercise or not resting the adequate periods leads to a greater probability of shoulder injury, with the consequence of not being able to adequately exercise any muscle of the posterior part of the body.

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