Forearms Exercise

forearm exercises


As you know, the forearms are one of the most forgotten muscles . In our routines we seldom get this muscle leaving it aside and as something secondary and although in many exercises we use forearms we must work them specifically so that there is a body harmony  helping not only to our physical appearance but to our performance and health.

The forearm is known as the muscle of the “fuck” giving us grip strength and the possibility of performing the exercises without the weight of our hands escaping for example. Not developing the forearms can limit us in the training of other routines such as back and trapezoids.


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Next we will see:

  • Where the forearm is located and how it is divided .
  • How to exercise the forearms.
  • Benefits   of having forearms exercised.
  • Some of the   most effective exercises for forearms.


How to exercise the forearms

forearm exercises

  • Forearm exercises should be performed once a week , day different from biceps days.
  • Catching a light weight, excessive loading can be counterproductive because they are small muscles.
  • Intensity not excessive because an overload can cause injuries such as tendonitis.
  • 2 exercises with 4 series can be a good routine for these small muscles.
  • If we want to define muscle: We could do 2 exercises of 4 series with 12 repetitions using light weight.
  • If we want to gain volume : We could do 2 exercises of 4 sets of 10,8,6,6 repetitions increasing the weight progressively.

Benefits of having forearms exercised

  • It helps us protect the wrists’ joints
  • Increase in power  helping us to take heavier weights more easily.
  • Arm much more proportionate and aesthetic.
  • Increased grip strength that is associated with less future disability and longer longevity.
  • Less chance of injury .
  • Increase in resistance  in exercises.

Some of the most effective exercises for forearms

  • Forearm curl with pronation
  • Forearm curl with supination
  • Wrist curl
  • Passage of the farmer
  • Spins with disk
  • Wrist curl lying in supination
  • Dominated with two fingers.


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