Biceps exercises

What are the biceps? 

The biceps is one of the favorite muscles by most people in the world of physique. It is so called because it has two heads: the long head and the short head. They are different parts of the muscles that share a tendon.

Depending on how we are going to carry out the exercise we will involve more one part or the other. In this section we will show you a great variety of exercises to work the different parts of the biceps, what muscles it involves, how to perform the exercises properly and the most common errors and failures of each exercise.

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How to improve the development of the biceps

The key to developing the biceps in the best possible way is to train them with all kinds of movements, such as inclined benches, bars with different grips, dumbbells with different wrist positions, in order to locate all the biceps muscle fibers.

Appropriate style when performing biceps exercises

To have a proper style in the realization of biceps exercises it is important to keep in mind several points:

  • It is important that we isolate as much as we can the muscles that we are going to train.
  • It is essential that we avoid extra aid, for this, we will control the movements to the maximum concentrating on the muscle group to train.
  • To isolate the biceps it is important to perform exercises in which the rest of the body does not act.
  • It is not advisable to lower completely, but it is better to leave the elbow a little flexed to avoid unnecessary jerking.
  • Search in some exercises the slow descents to take advantage of the return phase.
  • Another point to keep in mind is not to bend your back and have it stuck to the back of the bank.


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