Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises

Having perfect and enviable abs is not only synonymous with perspiring in a gym until you see the abdomen hard, firm and well marked.

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A good diet, strategically planned to gain muscle mass will help you to achieve the abdomen you always dreamed of having in a less time, more easily and you will also include a good amount of proteins, always welcome.

Many who ask ” How to score sit-ups? “They find the answer in intensive routines of exercises that sometimes, due to corporal limitations, not all of them can perform.

This can even bring consequences (mild or serious) to your health: intense muscle pains, contractures, fractures.

Therefore, the exercises must necessarily be combined with a diet according to the case and the intensity of the physical activity routine that is being carried out.

How to mark abdominal’s ?: Plan your diet

To help you have a better plan of your diet, here you have, for food, what are the foods that should or should be incorporated into your diet, which is 50% of your effort to achieve a dreamed abdomen.

For breakfast , the food that should not be missing is  the egg , an innagotable source of protein and also has very low fat content, so start taking it as a true ally to achieve your goal. It is the most consumed food among those who perform physical bodybuilding and intense physical training, as well as athletes. Therefore, you must include at least one egg in your breakfast, cooked as you want, except that it is fried. Replace bakery foods with whole-grain toast or breads.

For lunch or dinner , very important meals in your diet, you have to avoid fried foods, pastas and sauces. If you’re going to eat any of them, try not to eat more than twice a week. Red meat and white fish meat, especially tuna, are very good for gaining muscle mass. Red meat provides important amounts of iron to your body, essential to strengthen the muscular system. If you are looking to learn how to mark abs, this is another tip for you: consume many vegetables, making for example mixed salads, where you combine many colors, such as lettuce, carrots, beets, pumpkins, beans, eggs, celery, green apples, corn kernels , peas, soy (and general, any other legume).

Fruits are also excellent foods in a diet to mark abdominals , so do not leave them out. Prepare plenty of smoothies by mixing several fruits, which you can drink both at breakfast and snack, and why not between meals, when you need to satisfy your appetite. Fruits with a lot of liquid like citrus fruits (for example, oranges) and banana, a very rich source of potassium, are the ones that can not be missed.

An extra tip? Fat burners (also called fast burners) are widely used by those who want to lose weight and know how to mark abdominals at the same time. They are available in pharmacies and fitness or sports venues, but consult your doctor first if you can take them, to avoid contraindications.

Tips on how to do sit-ups correctly

When starting a training routine with a specific goal, abdominal exercises are always part of it, undisputed protagonists when it comes to reaching a firm and flat belly. Whether you are looking to lose weight and tone up as well as for those who want to gain muscle mass, it is very important to know correctly  how to do crunches , so that the exercises are effective and to avoid contractures and subsequent pains.

How to do sit-ups ?: Advice

  • Always use a mattress or  thin mattress on a flat surface and hard as the floor. This will allow you to have your back straight enough but minimizing the impact on the hardness of the surface through the use of the mat. You can buy them in sports or fitness stores but if you can not make one yourself with fabric and a thin foam rubber sheet (like the stuffing that pillows have).
  • Drink plenty of water during the exercises, to keep your body hydrated, avoid discomfort or dizziness during the practice of abdominals. Between each set of exercises, hydrate your body.
  • If you want to know how to do crunches correctly, when you do them horizontally (on the floor), bring your hands to the nape when the exercises are to work upper abdominals and instead you must place them under your tail when the exercise is lower abs .
  • When doing upper abdominal exercises and lifting your torso, be very careful with the position of your neck. When you are down, you must look towards the ceiling, but when you raise your head and torso, the look you have to place it always forward.
  • For the practice of standing abdominal exercises,  your back should always be straight . If you have doubts about whether you keep your back straight or not, lean your back on a wall and do the exercises that way. The correct position of your body is a more important point about how to do sit-ups.
  • Whichever position you perform the abdominal exercises,  you always have to bring your pelvis slightly forward  (that is, your tail should not protrude backwards), keep the abdominal area tense and the legs flexed. If you are standing, your knees should not exceed the line of the tip of your feet. If you are horizontal, you must flex your legs until the sole of your feet is fully supported on the ground.
  • For a varied and effective routine, combine lower, upper, oblique abdominal exercises, and locate both on the floor and standing. For each type of exercise you have to perform at least two sets of twenty movements, increasing the number of sets and repetitions according to the resistance of your body.
  • The most important advice on how to do sit-ups, is that  when you finish a routine, you always have to stretch your body . Lie on the floor and stretch your hands back and bring the tips of your feet as far as you can forward, stretching your legs well. Then, drop your knees to the side and your arms (always stretched) to the opposite side. Then, change sides.


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