Do you know the flexitarian diet? We tell you what it is and how to follow it

flexitarian diet

Neither vegetarian nor vegan, but a flexitarian diet. It is a new food trend that is sweeping in the United States and that is increasingly common in our country. In fact, specific establishments have already been created where you can taste the main dishes of this new culinary trend.

What is the flexitarian diet?

It is a diet very similar to vegetarian, but without so many restrictions. That is, on occasion, they do consume meat or fish, but most of the diet is made up of fruits and vegetables . Therefore, they are not vegetarians, since they exclude any type of food of animal origin.

In addition, it is a diet that poses no risk to health. Follow the basic principles of a balanced diet and do not reject any basic food. It contains a high amount of nutrients, fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants, few saturated fats, fatty acids from fish and vitamin B12 derived from meat .

A few years ago, this food model was much more usual. Before, not so much meat and fish was consumed as nowadays, mainly because there was not so much supply in the market. Extreme production in fish farms and farms has triggered the consumption of low quality meat and fish. The flexitarian diet is the opposite, incorporating these foods in the same way, but occasionally, so they can afford to buy meat and fish of better quality.

Main benefits of the flexitarian diet

Increase the quality of life: eating processed meat is not usually recommended for health, in fact, people who do not consume it or do so occasionally increase their life expectancy. The flexitarian diet is ideal to take care of the organism, since it does not exceed the consumption of foods harmful to the organism.

Helps control weight: sometimes vegetarians are below the recommended body mass index. This usually happens because they eat mainly vegetables and low-fat foods. Unlike vegetarians, flexitarians control body weight a lot thanks to the sporadic integration of meat and fish.

Prevents diseases: the excessive consumption of animal fat is not exactly a convenient source for health. Actually, it is very bad, red meat increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. In contrast, vegetables and fruit contain essential nutrients to safeguard the integrity of the body.

It is beneficial for the environment: to meet the demand for meat and fish, more environmental resources are needed than to grow plants. There are studies that claim that in a few years there will not be enough meat and fish to supply the demand. In such a way that, the sooner we turn to vegetables, much better.

And you? Have you already gone to the flexitarian diet? What is really important about this new method is to make society aware that the excessive consumption of low quality meat and fish is harmful to health. This does not mean you can not eat them, you can, but in moderation.

Include more fruit and vegetables in your diet!


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