What is the good cholesterol, what is the bad, how can I reduce it

Good cholesterol

We have all heard about cholesterol, which in tests can go high and it is dangerous for health to have too much blood. But many do not know exactly what it is, how it is produced and why it accumulates in the arteries.

So that all our readers have it clear and can take care of themselves in the best possible way, we have prepared an article with all the keys about cholesterol.

Continue reading to discover everything and put this fat on your site. Take care of your health with Health Unlocked from home.

Cholesterol is a type of natural fat that is manufactured in the liver, but we can also find it in certain types of foods. This substance is necessary because it contributes to the proper functioning of the organism, we need it to produce hormones, bile acids and vitamin D, it is a fundamental part of the structure of the cell membranes, since it conditions its permeability and to manufacture myelin of the brain. Hence the importance of having the necessary amount in the body, so that it can function properly, but if we have too much we are harming the body, as in everything in this life, in balance is the key.

If we have too much cholesterol in our blood, it will join with other molecules and will form plaques in the arteries, which will eventually cause a plug blocking blood circulation, in addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

As this substance is manufactured in the liver, all foods of animal origin that we consume increase our blood cholesterol levels. Hence the importance of regulating its consumption, so that we do not have too much and that it blocks our arteries.

If you have high cholesterol or want to prevent an increase in levels, we recommend that you continue reading this post, we will give you practical advice and easy to implement to keep the levels at bay.

Mainly, there are two types: HDL, which are high density lipoproteins in English. It is also called “good” because it transports cholesterol from the body to the liver for bile to eliminate. The other type is LDL, which means low density lipoprotein in English, it is called “bad” because it carries cholesterol to the arteries.

The best thing to control it is to do sport of aerobic type at moderate intensity between 3 and 5 times per week. I have to accompany it with a balanced diet, low in saturated fats.

Our online gym is ideal to help you lower levels, because we have aerobic exercises with weekly sessions and also diets depending on the objectives of each user.

Cholesterol: the best exercises at home to reduce it

The exercises that we need are those of the cardiovascular disciplines that raise our heart rate. In Health Unlocked we have a great variety where you can choose the ones you like the most.

For example, in the steps room, you will find a cardiovascular routine. It is a routine for beginners of high intensity, ideal to lose weight and burn calories. In 23 minutes you will be able to burn 230 calories. You will start with an active warm-up, then you will do aerobic exercises with a new method of vertical steps, you will finish with a stretching session to help relax the muscles after having done them work with the step.

Another of the disciplines that we recommend is aerobics, with the class get fit you will do a cardio session. It is also for beginners with what you will catch the trick right away, our teacher Raquel Talavera will explain step by step how to make each movement. It lasts 25 minutes and you can burn up to 250 calories, is not it great? You will start with some exercises to do in house of low impact cardio as a warm-up, then you will make some rhythmic steps and work directed both of the upper train and the lower train.

You can also go walking, running, cycling or swimming, the important thing is that you find a discipline that you like and do regularly to help you control cholesterol levels.

What foods should I eat to reduce cholesterol?

As we mentioned before, in Health Unlocked you will find a diet section. They are ideal to avoid having too much saturated fat in the blood.

These diets are formed by 5 daily dishes, very easy to prepare at home with basic ingredients, but when you taste them you will notice that they are very tasty. In each recipe you will find the steps to follow to prepare it at home, as well as the nutritional information so that you can control the daily doses of each nutrient that you eat.

Among the different foods that make you control this fat are avocados, whole grains, nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables such as spinach or broccoli, oats, apples, extra virgin olive oil, watermelon or lemon

As you can see, in order to keep bad cholesterol at bay you need to take a healthy diet , including the ingredients that we have just told your diet, and doing aerobic sports every day.

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