Tips for healthy eating, find out what they are

Tips for healthy eating, find out what they are

We all know the importance of healthy eating but it is not always possible, the pace of life, the rush, or the lack of cooking habit makes us not eat as we should. It is very important to follow a healthy diet to have good health and be well inside and out. But how can we do it when we do not know where to start to elaborate a rich, healthy and varied diet?

The important thing is to eat balanced, we should not eat too much or too little a specific type of food, since the body needs several nutrients, vitamins and other essential elements to function properly and for him to have them we have to eat the different foods that they bring them to us. So that everyone can eat healthy today we give you a series of tips, keep reading to know what they are:

How can I have a healthy diet?

– We will reduce to the maximum the processed foods, fried, industrial pastries frozen or pre-cooked. These foods tend to have many trans fats and food supplements to last longer, to have better taste and better appearance, all this is not very healthy

– Eat more fruit , vegetables, legumes and nuts, these are very good foods for health, they provide us with a great variety of vitamins, fiber and essential nutrients that we need. As for the fruit, the ideal is to eat 5 pieces a day of different fruits. If it can be, that the fruit and the vegetable have neither chemicals nor pesticides, that are bio or from local producers that do not use them.

– Drink 2 liters of water per day, if it seems too much we can divide it into 8 glasses throughout the day.

– Eat foods rich in proteins , to help the body produce the essential nutrients that it is not able to synthesize on its own and that it gets through food, in addition muscles need protein to grow. For example: chicken, turkey, salmon, almonds, tofu or quinoa.

– Eat more meat and fish. The meat that is lean, or we remove the visible fat when we go to cook it and the fish that is blue fish, do not eat too much seafood.

– Reduce the amount of salt and foods high in sodium, such as preserves, cookies, olives, Swiss chard, spinach, pickles, mustard and sparkling water, among others.

– We must also reduce the consumption of carbonated and sugary drinks

– It is important not to eat too much, it is preferable to make 5 meals throughout the day that are not very copious to make 3 meals a day in large quantities, that is not good since we eat more than the body needs and also digestion It gets heavier.

– We recommend reducing the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages.

If we lead a healthy lifestyle we will have better health, we will feel better, with more energy, less heavy and we will rest better. As you can see, everything is advantages. Also, eating healthy is not that complicated, it’s best to buy healthy foods at the supermarket and get rid of the not so healthy ones. In this way, we will not fall into temptation and we will not eat them.

We recommend making a shopping list based on the dishes we want to eat during the week, to have all the ingredients on hand, as well as helping us to spend less. With four basic ingredients you can make authentic gourmet dishes.

The ideal is to eat all the food according to the group to which they belong, for this, the food pyramid. It is the best guide, since it tells us which group each food belongs to and how often to eat it weekly. For example, fruit you have to eat between 3 and 5 pieces a day along with the main meals, of vegetables about 2 or 3 times a day and we will try to cook them as little as possible, the ideal oil is 4 tablespoons a day and also that is not cooked if possible. We have to alternate the consumption of meat (which is not red) and fish to eat between 1 and 3 times a day in total, in terms of legumes and eggs also on the same frequency. Dairy products should be eaten 2 to 3 times a day, either in the form of cheese, yogurt or milk. What you have to avoid to the maximum or consume occasionally are fermented drinks, alcoholic or sugar, industrial pastries, pre-cooked and fast food.

The pasta, rice and all that are carbohydrates must be consumed depending on the sport we do, how much more sport we have to eat and that they are full grain.

In the following image you find the food in the food pyramid.

food pyramid

If you lack ideas to develop a healthy and complete diet we encourage you to consult our diet section where you will find a diet of 5 dishes per day depending on the objective you have, they are very easy to prepare and are very tasty. If you do not like some dish or for medical reasons you can not eat it, you can replace it without any problem for gold that we propose.


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