Timely and Untimely Meals

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In these dates of great feasts, bingeings, excesses and breaking of schedules, we dedicate a post to help you to know the importance of the schedules of your meals.

If you are one of those who “purpose of amendment” every January 1, this may be one of the ” issues ” to consider.

Many people do not know how many hours they should pass between the main meals of the day.

I have some friends who are like hamsters: they spend all day eating at two cheeks. A little fruit, some nuts, some fried potatoes, some olives, a slice of bread … So during all the time you stay awake.

However, I also have the opposite side: generally my friends – and some geeks of body fat percentage – are certain that if they eat three meals a day and in two of them – usually breakfast and dinner – they keep the minimum, They are doing the healthiest.

And the fact is that the time at which we perform each meal directly influences the gain or loss of weight and muscle.

It is therefore very important to select the right time to give your body the time it takes to burn calories and the time it takes to store energy that you can use at the time you need.

A group of US scientists They believe that the key to achieving your goals is to set a time slot to carry out the main meals.

The most consistent recommendation is to leave a margin of three hours, if you want to reduce fat and maintain a healthy diet, because after that time the body can enter a state of starvation and therefore enter a catabolic state .

This means that the body interprets that it has to survive by decreasing muscle mass -literally eats it to get the energy it needs- and reduces the possible fat burning, as the body enters a state of energy saving of “survival” level

Our advice to carry an order of meals is as follows:

  • Have breakfast between 7 and 7:30 – load hydrates to start your day to the fullest.
  • By mid morning about 10: 00-10: 30, you can have something light
  • Lunch between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  • Snack around 4:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Try to make the last meal of the day between 20:30 and 21:00

Perhaps for the Spanish customs we are a little weird this rhythm so “advance” of meals, but if you more or less adapt these schedules to your lifestyle, you will have more possibilities to improve the performance of your meals.

If we talk about the content, it would be very convenient to also take into account these simple tips:


Breakfast and lunch:

They must be the most energetic meals of the day. And here we want to highlight “powerful breakfast” since many people start the day without having breakfast or eating practically nothing.

If you are one of those, change this habit and very soon you will begin to see great results.

Especially if you are one of those who get out of bed and put on their shoes to go train or go running, it is important that you “fuel” your body to be able to perform.

We do not talk about fat or that you have to eat lentils for breakfast. The secret is in a good balance in your meals.


The first meals of the day must be energetic, in the distribution that you already know if you follow our blog and our social networks:

  1. 57% hydrates 
  2. 25% healthy fats 
  3. 15% proteins 
  4. 3% fibers


These percentages are means, for a person of average age, with an average physical activity, and will vary depending on your lifestyle, age and purpose.


Snacks and dinners:

For all those people who finish their workday late or perform their training late for any reason and therefore the dinner is later, we must try to rest the metabolism at least one hour before going to sleep.

Keep in mind that pecking between meals leads to weight gain, increased cholesterol and to acquire harmful eating habits.

Try to respect the meal times that we have suggested and take care of your diet by balancing the percentages of food.

You’ll see how much sooner than you expect you start to see results.



Happy quality of life!

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