Learn how you can eliminate toxins through feeding

Learn how you can eliminate toxins through feeding

The human body has organs that are responsible for eliminating toxins that enter our body and accumulate in the body. However, sometimes we feel heavy or after a time of binge eating it is normal for them to have a little more effort to do their job. For this reason, it does not hurt to help them through our diet, a healthy and effective method that will help us to purify our body effectively.

That is why today we will learn how to eliminate them with a good diet. Follow reading to discover it.

Why do toxins accumulate in our body?

In the same way that we have to shower and wash to have good external body hygiene, and keep the body hydrated, we have to do a lot of things to cleanse our interior. Our body has techniques to cleanse itself from within, this it does through the liver, the kidneys, the fact of sweating and the lymphatic system, to purify our interior.

When we eat healthy, balanced and maintain proper hydration, our body has the necessary capacity to do it alone. Time well when we overeat or eat too many fried foods, high in fat or processed, we are overloading our body work and may not be able to do it properly. To give it a little push and that can eliminate all these toxins, we must make a diet that helps us to purify our interior naturally. Because if we do not eliminate them, they can affect our health.

These foods that we will tell you next will help to purify the body but also strengthen our immune system and improve many other functions of the body.

They will also provide you with the energy and strength necessary to face the day to day and improve your natural rest.

Foods that help you eliminate toxins from your body

The best way for your body not to be overloaded with toxins is to eat foods as natural as possible without toxins, dyes, preservatives or other chemicals that make them last longer in refrigerators or have better taste but are not as healthy. The more natural the better is why we recommend buying organic fruits and vegetables or coming from a local producer that does not use pesticides.

For this reason, it is worthwhile to stop for a few seconds and carefully read the label with the information on the origin and packaging of the products. The ingredients that help us are:

Water with lemon fasting in the morning.

Citrus fruits: like lemon, orange, tangerines … Because they have enzymes, cysteine ​​and vitamins C and B. Fruits such as apple and pear activate the kidneys to purify the body. We will avoid fruits high in sugars such as bananas, mango, etc.

Vegetables and especially those that are green, are ideal for cleaning the organism, such as asparagus, garlic, onion, leek, escarole, chicory, artichoke or thistle.

Foods rich in fiber also have to be privileged since they improve digestion and help to go to the bathroom regularly. In addition, they reduce the sensation of swelling of the stomach, they are, among others: nuts, cereals, wholemeal bread or seeds.

Those that are germinated, such as soy, alfalfa, wheat or barley, also help us improve digestion and activate metabolism.

Ginger is an ingredient that we must not forget either, since it not only helps eliminate toxins and waste, but also helps to end infections, strengthens the liver and improves metabolism. It can be added to the water with lemon that we drink in the morning.

Green tea is also highly recommended as it also eliminates toxins, is anti-inflammatory, cleanses the liver and blood and helps prevent certain diseases.

We must avoid the consumption of coffee and alcohol and hydrate properly, drinking between 1.5 liters and 2 liters of water per day to eliminate toxins. Other foods that we have to avoid are: dairy, butter, processed foods, wheat, corn and sausage.

Do daily training will also help us in this purpose and that will make us sweat, thus eliminating more toxins, strengthen our immune system and that our purifying organs have better health and work better.


The benefits of foods that eliminate toxins

If you elaborate a depurative nutritional plan you will notice the following effects in your body:

You will have more energy , since natural fruits and vegetables bring a lot of energy to the body

You will strengthen the immune system  therefore you will have less predisposition to diseases

Your intestinal transit will improve , since with the elimination of toxins and the increase of fiber you will help your digestive system and strengthen the bacterial flora and reduce the abdominal swelling.

You will improve the appearance of your skin , having less toxins and eating less fat, your skin will have less fat, spots and pimples. A part will be softer and smoother.

You will reduce your figure: as you will eat less fat and eliminate excesses, you will lose weight, which will make you look like a figure 10.


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