Food and performance, a good diet will make you better athlete

athlete diet

Did you know that to improve your physical performance you must have a good diet? Many people do not know the relationship between food and performance, but it is a very important factor to consider.

A good diet will allow you to be fit on the inside and that all your systems work correctly. This will make you train better and get the most out of your body while you exercise.

What most people do when they start training at home is to completely eliminate carbohydrates from their diet because they mistakenly believe that they make them fat and that they should not be part of daily food, in fact, what they are going to to do is to provide us with the energy that we will need to train. Another thing we see often is the abuse of meat. This is because he believes that meat helps the muscle grow, this is true, but not all meat helps and we must not abuse it because we can get proteins from other foods.

In Health Unlocked we will teach you the importance of balance, what foods your body needs to improve its performance and how to make a good diet. Continue reading to discover it:

Food and performance, what to eat to improve in sports?

In case it was still necessary, we give you some reasons why we should improve our diet and what it will bring us during our training:

The feeding gives us necessary energy while we train : for the body to do the exercises it needs energy, this energy will burn it during them. Therefore, we will need to eat foods that are brought to us before. We also have to eat properly after training to recover the deficit we have. This energy usually comes from foods rich in glucose or from the fat that we have stored in the body.

It will improve your athletic performance : by eating everything our body needs when doing sports we will help it to work better and to do it better.

Helps accelerate recovery after an injury : if we give the body essential elements that help recover, heal and strengthen the area of ​​the injury, it will heal faster than if we do not provide it.

Being properly hydrated : hydration is extremely important before, during and after exercising. When we exercise we sweat and lose water and mineral salts, it is important to restore the levels we had before exercising because if not, we will not have enough, this can increase the risk of suffering an injury. To be properly hydrated and for the body to have the water it needs we must drink liquids throughout the day (it is recommended to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day).

Elements on diet and performance to consider:

We have to eat enough to cover what we spend while doing sports.

Origin of the energy that we ingest: as we have said before, the body obtains the energy of the glucose and the fat of the body. We already know that the body fat is not good for health so we must help burn the one we already have and avoid the consumption of foods high in saturated fats (bad fats) so that we do not continue to have fat in the body after having burned the one that we already had, so not only will we get rid of the saturated fat of our body but when we burn it, we will stylize our figure and we will be healthier. In this way, we should eat foods such as bread, rice, pasta, fruit … And avoid: non-lean meats, industrial pastries, processed products, precooked dishes, etc.

Do not train on an empty stomach : if we train on an empty stomach we will decrease the body’s glucose levels and we may suffer from hypoglycemia, which can cause us to lose athletic performance, fatigue, lower concentration, etc.

If you have a good diet rich in proteins you will not need food supplements (vitamins, proteins, or minerals): as we will obtain them naturally through food and we will not need anything else.

When and what to eat : it is very important for athletes to know what they should eat and when to help them when they exercise.

Before exercise: foods low in fat and high in carbohydrates and proteins. You have to eat at least two hours before so that the body has time to digest and not feel heavy and it bothers us when we do the exercises.

After training: we have to replace the reserves of everything we have burned (eating carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, minerals, salts, hydration, proteins and fats).

To make sure you eat correctly, you can download our gym application at home and access the diet section. They are diets of 5 daily dishes, healthy, balanced and tasty. We give you the steps to follow to make each recipe at home without any problem.

If you put these tips into practice you will give your body what it needs to perform at its maximum level and every time you do sport you will give the best of yourself. If you enter our online gym you will find diets prepared by experts based on the objectives that users have. Choose the one that suits you best and start eating better!

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