Exercises for beginners to get fit at home

Exercises for beginners to get fit at home


Have you considered starting to play sports? Do not know what are the best exercises that will help you start getting in shape, get rhythm and achieve your goals?

Today you are in luck, because we have prepared a series of exercises for beginners that will help you with your purposes.

They are easy exercises to do, our expert teachers in each discipline will know how to do them so you can pick up the pace quickly. You can do the training sessions at home comfortably, without having to travel and without needing much space.

Keep reading the article to discover everything you need to know when you start exercising at home with a beginner level. You will not regret!

What exercise routine for beginners can I do?

Finding exercises for beginners at home that suits what we are looking for is not always easy. In order to find the best ones for us, we must first establish a specific objective, be it to lose weight, tone the body, gain muscle mass or another objective.

Once you know what you want to achieve, finding the exercises that suit your needs will be much easier.

One of the advantages that it plays in our favor is that practically all the exercises can be adapted to the level of beginners, either by reducing the duration, doing fewer repetitions or by lowering the weight.

In this way, the beginner exercises you can do are many, steps, cardio, fitness.

If you are a woman and you are looking for a routine to tone up your whole body at the same time you can do fitness exercises, on our website we have a room called fitness girl dedicated to this objective where in the beginners category you will find short exercises, between 3 and 5 minutes, which will be perfect to start doing exercises for beginners.

Men can enter the fitness room to do arm, buttock, abdomen, back, chest and shoulder exercises with which they can build an exercise routine for beginners to their liking. There is a great variety of fitness exercises that you can do!

If you are looking for something more cool we recommend the steps, if you have never done, do not worry, we have a video with the basic steps so you can catch the rhythm quickly.

Another exercise routine for beginners that is gaining followers is the boxing, it may seem complicated but thanks to the exercises for beginners you can start in this mode quietly and continue at your own pace.

You can start with this cardio routine that you will find below, it is 20 minutes of cardio exercises through aerobics, you can do it at home. Do it and tell us what you think about it.

Cardio exercises for beginners, take note:

The cardio is ideal to start with the routine of exercises for beginners since there are soft routines, which do not last long, makes the whole body move and has great benefits: improves cardiovascular health, reduces blood cholesterol levels, helps control diabetes and improve the capacity of the lungs.

Skip the jump rope : jump rope is one of the best cardio exercises, also makes work several aspects such as strength, flexibility or endurance. As it does not take much material and can be done in any space it makes it even more ideal.

Jump with knees to the chest : you have to stand up, with your legs spread to shoulder height and jump, we have to raise the knees to the chest.



Jumping Jacks : it is an exercise of jumps also. On this occasion we will stand up with our legs together, we will jump and open our legs while we put our hands above the head and we will give a pat. Then we will jump again and return to the starting position, leaving the hands along the body.

If you enter our online gym you will find these and many exercises for beginners at home. For example, in the Total Body Conditioning room you will find a training session general cardiovascular exercise, with which you will work your entire body for 20 minutes and you can also burn 250 kcal, are the best cardio exercises for beginners.

In the steps room we also have cardio sessions with dumbbells, to vary a bit, or intense cardio for beginners, which will make you work a lot, in a short time but with easy exercises to do.


As you have seen, any exercise is good to start playing sports. Just look for those videos that suit beginners and start getting fit at home. You will soon see the results and want to start at the top level. In Health Unlocked we give you all the keys so that you can start with easy exercises to do, to do them wherever and whenever you want.

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