4 foods to lose weight: get rid of the extra kilos today!

Image result for lose weightWe have internalized in the subconscious that green foods, such as apple or lettuce, are ideal for weight loss. And in reality, it is. This type of food is rich in lutein, potassium, vitamins K and C and folic acid. To make matters worse, these nutrients must be added the antioxidant capacity of the “Green food”. Keep reading and discover 4 foods to lose weight .

Foods to lose weight

– Apple: is one of the foods to lose weight that I could not miss in a diet. It has a large amount of water and is rich in pectin, a perfect element to cleanse the body and prevent the appearance of malignant cholesterol. In addition, it is also diuretic, contains fiber and amino acids. Thanks to fiber, we calm hunger, which helps us eat less and better. Also, the apple causes glucose levels to decrease as well as the rate of absorption of carbohydrates.

– Pear : this wonderful fruit available practically all year round (from July to November) contains a high amount of essential nutrients: iron, potassium, calcium … For this reason, the pear is beneficial to lose weight by preventing the retention of liquid. But what really makes it indispensable in a diet to lose weight is the fiber it contains, essential for burning fat.

– Broccoli : it is one of the healthiest vegetables we can eat. Not only because it provides basic elements for burning fat, but because it helps keep the body balanced and healthy. Since it contains Vitamin C and dietary fiber, its intake will bring us great benefits. And when you put them on the plate, no problem, can serve both as a single dish.

– Avocado : it is one of the healthiest foods in the market. Let’s diet to lose weight or not, we should eat avocado anyway. Its fame has grown in recent times thanks to its magnificent healthy fats. These are formed by high levels of monounsaturated fats, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants. All of them, essential for the proper functioning of the organism.

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