10 Magic Diet Tips

Image result for lose weight“Losing weight” … If you are searching for the union of these two words right now on Google, you will find almost 11 million answers … And more now that summer is approaching! 

It seems normal that among so many options, one can get lost when trying to find the magic barita to get rid of those extra kilos that we have been accumulating in the cold months, right? 

OK Do not worry. We will try to help you with a list of what you do and what you should not do. As we always tell you, the most important thing is that you know your body and go to the right professionals before making a decision that can seriously affect your health and therefore your life.


1. Forget about fad diets and bet on a balanced diet plan.


No doubt nutrition is the key to lose or gain weight. There are many ingredients that the recipe for a proper diet: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and legumes. In short: all those ingredients that are difficult to find in processed foods. Processed foods not only have little nutritional value, but also have addictive properties that will make you want to eat more and more.


More processed foods = more calories = more body fat.

The next time you go shopping, you better stay in the aisles of fresh produce instead of getting lost in the corridors of cardboard and colored plastic packaging.


2. Sleep enough.

Sleep is more important for weight loss than you think. Our bodies not only use this time to repair tissues, but we burn calories in the process. If you do not allow your body to sleep enough, your muscles will start to break down (decreasing your metabolism in the process). Lack of sleep also causes an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, which causes the body to retain energy (ie, body fat) and stimulates appetite. And let’s be honest, we do not like to exercise when we’re tired.


3. Hydrate well.


Water is vital to our existence. There are many ways in which water helps you lose weight. It makes us feel more satiated, so we do not consume so much food. Prevents dehydration (which can cause fatigue) and can help prevent cramping (no one likes to feel cramps while training). Water also helps lubricate the joints and eliminate toxins from the body, which will help reduce your recovery time from workouts.


4. Burn more calories.

In a few words: activate your life!

Cardiovascular activity is a very important component for weight loss. If you continue to make your usual diet and increase your caloric expenditure, you will soon begin to lose weight. Adults should perform about 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly (or 75 minutes of intense exercise). It may seem a lot at first, but remember: your life is a marathon, not a sprint. You do not have to hurry to achieve your goal; Even exercising for just 10 minutes instead of nothing, puts you one step closer to getting rid of those extra kilos.
If you work sitting, try to get up at least once every hour for a short 10 minute walk. Other great ideas:


  • Park your car in the most distant places to the place where you are going
  • Use the stairs instead of elevators
  • Go walking to make small purchases or just go for a walk instead of sitting down to watch TV.


5. Increase your muscle mass.

Heart health is fine, but if you really want your metabolism to burn calories like fire, strength training should become your best friend. We often overlook them (especially women), but strength training is the best way to increase lean muscle mass. Many women make an excuse that they do not want to increase their volume, when, in fact, they can be calm because most simply do not have the level of testosterone needed to do it with that ease they think. In contrast, bodybuilding exercises increase endurance and toning.

As you build muscle, your body has to work hard to maintain this new muscle tissue. This increases the amount of calories you burn, even when you are at rest. The good news is that you do not need to train muscle training seven days a week. Just two days a week, they will be enough to help you maintain muscle mass. So give the iron a little cane! The machinery we have in our clubs is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance to your training, with greater safety and efficiency. 

When you take the taste, try free weight exercises! There are millions of possible combinations. Consult your trainer!


6. Do not walk alone.


We humans are social beings and we tend to surround ourselves with equals with similar tastes and values. It is important to surround yourself with people who can be there to encourage you, motivate you and support you in your bet for a healthy life. In our clubs, you will never walk alone, as the song says . 

You can also take the hard option, which is to try to change the lives of people who maintain not-so-healthy habits. The road will be much harder but the reward, when you look back together, will be wonderful.


It is part of the magic of our work.

7. Cheat … once in a while

I like to think that I am realistic in regards to weight loss, diet and exercise. Why the hell have to give up forever a delicious ice cream? We tend to be quite given to the “all or nothing” and, as you know, in the balance is virtue. You know what I mean, right? Those chocolate cookies that you ate after training, those croquettes that you like so much “and total, for one day nothing happens …” 

Well, that, for a day, nothing happens … unless later come to burn with your training more calories they have ingested. Do not obsess, neither in one way nor in another. I’m not worth a “total, because I skip the diet …” and eat two kilos of sweets and chips, nor do you need to be martyred and fustigues for having eaten an ice cream because your body asked for it.

Should you eat what you want, when you want and how much you want? No. Should you beat your desire to get fed on sweets once in a while? Yes. Should you feel guilty about that? Of course not. Life is more than obsessing with every calorie that enters your body every minute. A balanced diet leads to a balanced life and that is a philosophy, not a fad or the effort of a moment.


8. Treat yourself as you treat others.

We are our toughest critics. I’m sure we can all raise our hands for having tormented us terribly for something that was just a small mistake.


I have an important secret to tell you: We all make mistakes!

It is the way we have to progress, learn and mature. What helps us build and rebuild us; to improve and to forge our personality, from birth, until we die. 

The next time you find yourself in this situation, think about it this way: if a friend of yours were in your shoes and maybe skipped a workout or ate something out of your diet, would you criticize him for it? Would you say he should to feel ashamed ?, that he will never achieve ?, that he is unable to fulfill a purpose? What does not have will power? Most likely, you would try to help him to continue, you would take iron out of the matter and tell him that he can do it … you would even tell him that he can afford it. So, why do not you say those things to yourself?

Fustigarte does not make sense and does not achieve anything. Instead, these situations are perfect situations to learn from error. Search within yourself what the root of the problem is, if it exists. Dissect it in small pieces, look for support in your trainer and / or training partners and develop an attack plan that will help you overcome your weakness next time.


9. Celebrate small victories.


You got up early this morning and went to the gym instead of staying in bed. That is a great achievement. Celebrate it! 

The small victories of day to day together add great achievements. Find the best way to reward yourself regularly (do not tell me “with food” …). Your reward is not to be great; It could be something as small as a post-it note in your mirror in which you tell yourself how well you are doing and what you are making progress.


The important thing is to recognize the hard work you are doing.

10. Stay tuned to your screens.

Fitness and nutrition are based on pure science. Literally. So leave pink TV shows or sports a little aside and look for some information about new training trends, feeding tips, exercises you do not know, etc. Make sure you take the information from reliable and reliable sources. And visit this blog frequently to get new ideas, training, recipes and information. Of course, you have your coaches at your side to answer any questions, help you choose the best path or set your goals with criteria.


And share everything you’ve learned with the people you love! 

Tell us … what are your favorite tricks and tips to lose weight?

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