I am interested in  all types of food , without agreeing with everything. Crudivorism inspires me because my dad was crudivorous 6 months and he keeps a very good memory . He did not continue because it became too difficult for him, from a practical and social point of view.

I like to eat healthy , that did not escape you. I have seen in a few weeks the benefits of a healthy diet.  And I realized that eating more raw food , without becoming 100% raw , can bring us a lot.




I’ve heard a lot about Victoria Butenko’s crudivorism. It is she who is behind the Green Smoothie … But not only! Victoria suffered from arrhythmia, a heart disease. One of his sons, Victor, had type 1 diabetes, and the other, Igor, had undergone nine surgeries at age 17 due to hyperthyroidism and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Her doctor did not know what to do with them anymore … Victoria took things in hand and decided to set up ”  new actions, to get new results “. That’s how she looked at crudivorism.

Since then, everyone is better. They all feel in excellent shape! After three and a half months of crudivorous diet, they all ran the Bolder Boulder marathon of 10 km gathering no less than 40 000 joggers! That said, after years of crudivorism, she realized that they were missing something … A lot of research led her to this diagnosis: they did not eat enough green vegetables.  They are very important because they contain  all the nutrients that our body needs(According to her, I’m not an expert I can not say). The problem is that in his family … They do not like green vegetables! So she thought of a solution to eat them differently and especially enough to be healthy … And that’s how the Green Smoothie was born!




The raw food eating foods raw or cooked to 47.8 ° C . It feeds mainly on fruits and vegetables, oil seeds, cereals or sprouts.

Why eat raw? Simply because when you cook a food, you destroy its enzymes (proteins), with the exception of the tomato that produces twice as much. The problem is that these enzymes are very important to the proper functioning of our body . Raw food is filled with enzymes. Raw foods also have their own enzymes that allow them to self-digest. They are therefore easier to assimilate.

Foods cooked do not contain these enzymes that allow it to self-digest , since they were destroyed during cooking. It is therefore the body that will have to produce its own enzymes to facilitate digestion. This is how we can feel the pump after eating … Or all the time!

A person who is not used to raw consumption will need a little time to get used to this type of diet and will probably have trouble digesting at first. It’s a perfectly normal transition.




There are so many … To note above all, increased energy. This is quite logical: since the body needs less energy to digest, it has more to do any other activity . Often, raw people suffer from weight loss because foods are less caloric and less fat (the bad fat). It also enhances the feeling of satiety thanks to the fiber contained in large quantities in raw food. The quality of the skin, hair and nails is much better. And then the “raw food” is seen more and more in cases of cancer and serious diseases.

It can be noted that the lack of enzymes would cause various health concerns such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, constipation, fibromyalgia or allergies.




As much, I did not have a problem to stop eating cheese … Eating all the time raw seems complicated to me . I am convinced of the benefits that raw foods can bring … But I do not want to lose too much weight and that is what scares me (maybe wrongly). And then I have the impression that we are missing some things. But in all that, to learn about the crudivorism made me realize that I ate almost nothing raw (except my smoothies). I would like to introduce many more, because the winter tires me. And maybe that’s just because I do not eat anything! Because next to that, I eat pretty well.

Even though we eat (omni, crudi, vegan), we must be careful. You have to vary and have fun … And above all, that it does not become a constraint ! You must learn and do according to your body. What suits one person may not be appropriate for one’s neighbor. For me, I love to cook and food is very important to me for many reasons. But this may not be the case for everyone … Some plans, it must be admitted, have some constraints . It’s up to us to adapt them according to our needs, our desires and our ability to follow them.. I think we have to dig a little here and there, and especially not to inflict on his body things he can not bear. We quickly realize when he does not like!

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