Why become vegan? I think it’s a logical continuation. I have been a vegetarian all my life, and even if the awareness is late, being vegan is in total agreement with my values. 

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I was asked again 15 days ago “you do not eat eggs so you do not eat chicks? In fact, it has nothing to do with it . The eggs of the hens are not fertilized, so no indeed, I do not eat fetus or chick . Having a chicken and eating eggs would not bother me from that point of view . However, the laying hen industry is not pretty. In addition to the fact that 80% of the hens are enclosed in cages the size of an A4 sheet, other horrors are practiced. I learned that chickens were being cut from birth (which is very painful). Why ? To park them all together and avoid pecking and cannibalism. Then I realized that the male chicks, which will never become laying hens, ended up … At the grinder. Or gassed. Or asphyxiated and crushed by bulldozers. Charming is not it? The videos are apparently infamous . I wish to believe. I spared them, and I will spare them too. After a year of laying, the chickens finish … At the slaughterhouse. If they did not die of hunger before that. Here are the main reasons why I stopped eating eggs from the industry, and I do not need more!

Dairy is another story. A cow needs to have a small calf to produce milk in large quantities . The industry understood that, and quickly found a way to make it much more productive: artificial insemination . Of course, not a drop of this milk goes to his little calf. No, this one goes directly to the fattening, then to the slaughterhouse. The cow crying and mumbling all the time, her child, she will not see him again (and it’s true, my aunt lives in front of a small farm in a village in Franche-Comté, I hear the Cows scream on Sunday at family meals!). After 7 years of calving and intensive milkingsonce it is well emptied, the cow follows the path of her little calves and, I give you a thousand: she ends up at the slaughterhouse. Funny life is not it? I dare not imagine, if they put me pregnant, and take my child away. For 7/8 years tirelessly: pregnant, no more children, pregnant, no more children, pregnant, no more children, butchering (or butchering, at the whim of his executioners).



My mother has told me a lot: we are not calves! And she is right.. She explains that we are the only species to drink another species of milk and continue to drink it when we reach adulthood . We are strange sometimes … And she explains how a half-ton calf and a 3/4-kilogram baby do not have the same needs . Milk is bad for health, languages ​​start to loose. 30 million people around the world are lactose intolerant. A not insignificant figure. I myself do not digest milk, and I have not bought it for several years now.

I remain convinced that eggs are also bad for your health. Egg yolk contains 200 mg of cholesterol. Athletes flee like the plague. Me too. In any case, just like milk, I do not digest them at all. I learned to listen to my body, and not to eat what makes me sick. And it’s funny, it’s almost all food of animal origin !



If generally, we do not understand too much the refusal to eat dairy products and eggs … We understand it even less for the honey! Personally, I do not like honey, so the question does not arise for me. But when you ask me, here’s what I say: bees have spent a lot of time building their hive. It’s a bit like getting into your house, stealing everything you have. You would not be happy (me no, that’s for sure)? So imagine, once you’ve bought your TV and all your valuable jewelry, we’ll come back to rob you again! A little annoying, no? And in the end, honey is nothing but bee vomit . Since I saw that from this angle, I look at him from the corner of my eye.  Bees are also threatened by pesticides and they are fewer and fewer … This is a real problem.

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