Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is even a meal in its own right. It is supposed to cover 25% , or 1/4, of the daily contributions. Skip breakfast is not trivial. Indeed, the body gets tired because it has to draw on its reserves, and this can create deficiencies .

Me, I need a boost in the morning. It is at this point that I work best, so I absolutely have to be fit because I can provide a huge job. And this is obviously not the case every morning … Short or agitated nights are often the reason for our vitality . To make up for that, I “developed” a whipping breakfast. It gives me all my vitality, and yet there are mornings where it is not won !


Frozen bananas, wild mango, spinach, coconut water and ginger.




Smoothie, or Green Smoothie specifically, is trendy, but not only. I wrote two articles, one on the benefits of smoothies and the other on eating raw, which explains why it is beneficial to drink smoothies in the morning .

The Green Smoothie has a whiplash effect . At this moment, I incorporate 2 fruits and spinach or matcha tea for the “green” part. Matcha tea is radical against fatigue! Smoothie has a real effect on our condition or not of fatigue . So do not hesitate to consume.

For those who do not have time to prepare in the morning, I repeat a little, but it is quite possible to prepare the day before and keep in the fridge.




The smoothie is quite “heavy”, the rest of my breakfast is quite light. I drink so first of all a tea. I prefer green or white because it’s less exciting than black tea. Especially when I put matcha in my smoothie, I already drank the equivalent of a tea .

Then I eat either cupcakes or toast with vegetable butter … And finally, I take  a handful of oil seeds : cashews or almonds and some cranberries.






At one point, I will inevitably drink lemon juice . I incorporate it into my tea or drink it on an empty stomach with lukewarm water. Lemon has a diuretic effect , it eliminates toxins and purifies our body. It helps to have a beautiful skin and to get rid of our imperfections. In addition, lemon is full of vitamin C , it strengthens our immune system and gives us even more vitality . It is often wrongly thought that lemon creates acidity in our body, but on the contrary, it reduces it. And then the lemon fights cough , indeed who has never drunk “grog” when he was caught in the throat? Cherry on the cake, lemons help girls wanting to go on a diet!


Here is my breakfast whip. It is greedy, rich in fruits and green vegetables and vitamins. We are well hydrated and we fill up with nutrients to get in shape.

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