But in fact, what do they eat vegetarians ? What is the difference between vegan and vegan , is it about the same?

PESCETARIAN is the one who does not eat meat  but fish …

In this article, we go through the barbaric terms of vegetarianism / veganism to try to understand something!





Vegetarians  : they do not eat meat or fish but eat dairy products and eggs.

  • The  tofu , the  seitan and  lupine  turn into many things and closely resemble cheese “fauxmage” turkey “tofurkey” fatty liver “false fat” on burgers meat, knacks , sausages and barbequed sausages, pork (ham, bacon), schnitzel, kebab meat, goulash, beef, chicken (croquettes, nuggets, sticks), duck, hachi, caviar, langoustines, prawns, squid, tuna, fish, dough …
  • All fruits , vegetables and legumes : tomatoes, artichoke, leeks, zucchini, spinach, salad, carrots, endives, mushrooms, potatoes (fries, potatoes, potatoes, dauphines …), chickpeas, green beans (red, white … ), lentils, split peas, lupine, apples, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, mango, papaya, kiwi …
  • Of cereals : rice, wheat, spelled, oats, quinoa, couscous, buckwheat, millet, kamut, barley, rye.
  • Some ideas in bulk:  cakes, soup (with vegetables), smoothies, milkshakes, soya steaks, cereal steaks (there are at least 20 kinds), tofu, soy, seitan, tempeh, tomato sauce (not Bolognese), cheese (mozzarella, morbier, cancoillote, laughing cow, raclette, fondue, …), spices, vegetable pie, spreads (hummus, tapenade, tzatziki …) cakes appetizers (often chicken is an aroma, to check), morning cereals, fresh cream, custard, whipped cream, butter, butter cream, cupcakes, cocoa (ovomaltine especially), yogurts (chocolate spread, chocolate mousse …), honey, spread, chocolate bars, chocolate, ice cream, rice cakes or corn, dried fruits, nuts (cashew, hazelnuts, almonds …) coffee, tea, latte macchiato …



Flexitarians do not consume meat, fish or even animal by-products at home (milk, eggs), but they allow exceptions and  eat them in others, for example.




Pescetarians do not eat meat at all, but still consume seafood such as fish and shellfish .




Vegans and vegan eat the same way. They do not consume meat , fish , crustaceans , dairy products , eggs , honey … In short, no animal product whatsoever.


Vegan will also not consume leather , wool , cosmetics tested on animals and with ingredients of animal origin .


  • Vegetable cheeses: parmesan cheese, grated cheese, pizza cheese, edam, mozzarella, blue, cheese spread (herbs, nuts), cheddar, slices (mushrooms, pizza flavor …), ricotta, fondue.
  • Some ideas in bulk: Soup (vegetables, no cream), vegetable milk smoothies, soy steaks, cereal steaks, pasta (without eggs), tomato sauce, vegetable pies, spreads (tapenade without anchovies), soy yogurt and with rice, spices, soy cream, rice or spelled cream, vegan butter, soy whipped cream, vegetable milks, vegetable spreads (almonds, sesame, cashews), dried fruits (grapes, nuts), dark chocolate , vegetable ice cream, egg substitutes …

Two articles published on Vegactu, list some products sold in the traditional trade, which are vegan. It includes: pringles, chips, curly, cereals chocapic, crunch, nesquick and frosties. 

Where do I stand in all this?


I am vegan , so I do not eat meat, I do not eat fish, I do not buy shellfish, I do not buy eggs or milk, and I do not eat it in cakes or other commercially-bought preparations. And then I only use products not tested on animals and I dress without leather, without wool, without fur .

It is often said that being vegan is for the rich … This is not true at all, because meat and animal products are among the most expensive in our diet!

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