I propose again  a small practice , a little like in my previous article  ! I thought it might be a good idea to list the main non-vegan foods and then the commercial preparations that are not healthy and to show you how easy it is to replace them !

This article is for all beginners, those who wish to opt for a healthier diet, vegan  … And for the more discerning, who knows, I may be able to teach you something (or you can tell us about your discoveries culinary comments)?


What to replace eggs


Eggs often have a role of binder and texturizer in sweet or salty preparations. It also allows to obtain aerated cakes because they have a “lifting” effect. The egg white has a strong foaming power. We can easily replace them, there is an incredible number of substitutes for eggs.


In practice :

To replace 1 egg in all kinds of sweet or savory preparations:

  • 60 g of apple sauce (binder, moistener)
  • 1 small crushed banana (binder, moistening)
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch (corn, potato or arrow root) mixed with 3 tbsp water (binder)
  • 50 g silky tofu (binder)
  • 50 g of soy yogurt (rising)
  • Flour of lupine in gluten-free flour mixture (binder)


To replace the egg white: the water in which the chickpeas dipped has exactly the same structure as that of the egg white and you will prepare meringues and macaroons in a jiffy!


What to replace the butter

 Vegetable oil 

Butter is easily replaced in sweet or salty preparations by any vegetable oil. My favourite is coconut oil, which is particularly interesting in cooking and whose taste is neutral. Olive oil will be excellent in salty preparations, just like sunflower oil. Avoid rapeseed oil or nuts that are not made for cooking.

In practice: 100 g of butter are replaced by 85 g of vegetable oil.

 Oil seed purees 

Oil seed mash such as cashews, almonds, sesame or hazelnuts are excellent alternatives to butter.

In practice :

  • Melted butter: replace 100 g of melted butter with 50 g of oleaginous purée and 50 g of vegetable oil.
  • Butter ointment: replace 100 g of ointment butter with 100 g of oleaginous purée.
  • In breadcrumbs: vegetable butter (commercially available), oleaginous purées.

Coconut butter

Coconut butter and cocoa butter also ideally replace butter.

In practice: replace 100 g of butter with 50 g of coconut butter or cocoa + 35 g of vegetable oil.


What to replace milk

Milk is simply replaced by vegetable milks or even water for even lighter texture (in pancakes for example).

Some vegetable milks are preferred if the preparation is salty or sweet:

  • Salty preparations: soy milk, rice milk.
  • Sweet preparations: soy milk (plain, vanilla or chocolate), coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, millet milk, tiger’s milk, chestnut milk …


In practice: replace 100 g of milk per 100 g of vegetable milk or 50 g of vegetable milk + 50 g of water.


What to replace refined sugar

I’ve already done an article about it, but I’ll get back to it quickly. The refined sugar can be replaced by cane sugar, whole or rapadura sugar, coconut sugar, agave syrup …

In practice :

  • Whole sugar: replace 100 g of refined sugar with 100 g of whole sugar, cane or coconut.
  • Agave syrup: replace 100 g of sugar with 75 g of agave syrup.

These measurements are given for information only. Indeed, once refined sugar is removed, there is less need to sweeten. For my part, the quantities are decreasing little by little in the cakes!


By what to replace the refined salt

The refined salt can be replaced by unrefined salt, that is, coarse salt. But there are also more and more salt substitutes such as gomasio, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or hemp seeds that are found in organic stores.

In practice: replace 1 cc of refined salt with 1 cc of coarse salt or salt substitute.


What to replace chocolate

I do not eat more chocolate since I discovered raw cocoa! I replace chocolate as soon as I can with raw cocoa or unsweetened cocoa (raw cocoa is expensive and it bothers me a little bit of cooking).

In practice :

  • Sugared preparations: replace 100 g of chocolate with 50 g of unsweetened cocoa + 20 g of agave syrup.
  • Chocolate Milkshake: 1 or 2 cc raw cacao + 1 cc agave syrup or 1 tablespoon oleaginous purée for 200 ml of vegetable milk.

Dosages of agave syrup are given as an indication. Indeed, for my part I do not sugar even raw cocoa milkshakes.


What to replace sodas and “juice”

Soft drinks are a real sore. The coca addiction you know? For me it was very difficult to stop, I was really addicted. But I managed to find several substitutes for sodas, which are much better for both taste and nutrition!

  • “Lemonades” of commerce (sprite type): sparkling water + agave syrup or “detox waters”.
  • Sodas: sodas are excellent and their composition is perfect.
  • Commercial juices: Smoothies are quick and easy to prepare in addition to being delicious and healthy, juices are less affordable (an extractor costs around 300 €) and a little longer to prepare but their benefits are exceptional!

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