Smoothies are the trend of the moment! Smoothie and especially Green Smoothie are part of what is known as healthy food . If we appreciate them so much, it is because they are beautiful, good and beneficial for our health . I already thought I knew everything about smoothies, and then when I bought Rebecca Leffler’s book “Green, Glam & Gourmet”, I learned new things … A good reason to talk about it on the blog.




Smoothie , which simply means “creamy”, is a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike milkshake,  it does not contain dairy products .

The Green Smoothie , whose instigator is Victoria Boutenko, is composed of 40% green leafy vegetables (2 cups) and 60% fruit (3 cups). It also contains a liquid base (water, coconut water or vegetable milk).

From there … We can do what we want. There are no  rules  ! We choose the fruits and vegetables that we love and are in season … And  we mix  ! It may surprise to mix spinach with fruit. But do not be fooled by appearances, fruits take over (in fact it’s mostly banana) and we do not feel the taste of green vegetables.

If the smoothie is also good for health, it’s because it contains fresh and raw products . Eating raw prevents food from becoming denatured during cooking. They keep all their micronutrients: minerals, vitamins, fibers, proteins and antioxidants … Smoothies are a source of vitality and they strengthen immunity.

The interest of green smoothie is green vegetables . The latter are the richest in micronutrients and contain chlorophyll which is purifying, antioxidant and detoxifying. In addition, it helps fight against bloating and constipation. She is therefore the ally of the regimes.

In sum, the smoothie is all good. It helps us fight against fatigue, purifies our body and allows us at the same time to have a beautiful skin and avoid cold snaps. But it also prevents other health problems a little more serious, thanks to antioxidants, such as cholesterol and cancer.




To enjoy all the benefits of smoothie:
  • It is preferably drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • We wait 15 minutes before having breakfast.
  • The best is to drink it immediately, but you can prepare it the day before if you are in a hurry.
  • We keep the skin of fruits and vegetables when possible (we choose them from organic farming).
  • It is consumed once a day.
  • We can also do cures of 1 month.

For those who are not used to so much fruit and vegetables, we can start with a smaller amount of green vegetables (a leaf), then add a little bit more slowly.


A Green Smoothie consists of:
  • 60% fruit: apple, pear, strawberries, raspberries, orange, banana, kiwi, mango, pineapple papaya, grapes, peach … Carrots, tomatoes, avocados etc. are counting from the fruit side.
  • 40% green leafy vegetables: spinach, lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, watercress, rocket but also the leaves of root vegetables such as carrots, beets or radishes.
  • A liquid base: water, coconut water, oat milk or even aloe vera juice (very rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids).
  • Superfoods: spirulina, goji, linseed, ginger and other spices!




Happy apple

1 apple 
1 small banana 
A handful of lettuce leaves 
Coconut water


Go go go Mango

1 mango 
1 small banana 
A handful of spinach leaves 


Sweet Strawberry

1 small banana 
A handful of spinach leaves 
Almond milk


So Kiwi

1 kiwi 
1 apple 
A handful of spinach leaves 
Coconut water


I usually add 4g of spirulina (recommended daily intake) or some flaxseed! I also like ginger for its antioxidant effects.

I add water until it covers the fruits and vegetables in the blender so that the mixture is smoother.

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