Recover Figure After Summer Excesses

Autumn is officially here, and it sure brings us many good things! However, it is likely that we drag the symptoms of some excesses committed throughout the summer, a time when lack of routine and everything that entails often wreak havoc on our body. But do not panic: all set-up takes its process and it is important to take into account some steps to recover the figure safely.


  1. Take care of your diet Everything starts here: what we eat determines between 70% and 80% that we see or not results. Temporary diets and starvation are of little use if we do not have a lifestyle based on a healthy diet: fruits or vegetables daily and in all our dishes, whole grains, and animal or vegetable proteins (legumes are a great option) . And deny the ultra-processed!
  2. Daily exercise. Maintaining an active lifestyle is not necessarily synonymous with crushing for hours in the gym. Dedicating time to sports is great, but if you can not do it on a daily basis, just change some gestures: walk 10,000 steps a day giving up the car or public transport, use the stairs instead of the elevator … want is power!
  3. Do not forget to hydrate yourself. The intake of water is essential for our body to function properly. In addition, staying hydrated will allow us to avoid binge eating, as we often confuse the sensation of thirst with that of hunger. Cafes, teas and natural juices also count.
  4. Rest well. The body needs to recover so that we see results, and more when we are still returning to the routine. In no case should we devote less than 6 hours a day to sleep better if they can be 8!
  5. Do not obsess! The anxiety to recover the figure can not be more counterproductive. In your leisure time, allow yourself a gastronomic whim, a glass of wine … what the body asks of you! But do not forget that you must the exception and not the rule.

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