How to keep the kilos at bay

How to keep the kilos at bay

Man has achieved countless technological advances that apply to their way of life to make it more comfortable and comfortable, is what we call progress. It has also managed to fight a multitude of diseases for which it had no remedy before, saving thousands of lives every day, but what happens when those diseases for which we find treatments are produced precisely by our current way of life, by that progress we have made? created?

Obesity, cholesterol, stress and anxiety are products of an accelerated society, at the same time sedentary, that barely has time to take care of their food and pull too often fast food and highly processed foods. Many of the cardiovascular diseases come, likewise, from this bad diet and that is the phrase we eat what is more and more force and we can clearly see the result of not eating a balanced diet in our own body, in addition to the little exercise that we do daily

That is why many people ask each day how to lose weight , because it is necessary not only to see ourselves more attractive in a society, which as we know, is based on the image, but to keep us healthier and improve our quality of life. Losing weight is the pending issue and now that the new year begins, many will have made the goal of losing weight in 2019.

To achieve our goal of increasing our health by losing weight, it is not only about making changes in diet, and of course nothing of miracle diets that promise to lose ten kilos in two weeks, to lose weight healthily we must change our eating habits, but also do sports regularly.

This is the real key, the combination of these two factors, because the accumulation of fats in our body occurs not only because we eat too much food but also because we hardly do anything to burn them, in fact, there are overweight people who do not eat too much, but because our metabolism becomes slow and is not able to properly digest and process the calories you eat.

Do sport to be healthier

Therefore, we must put into practice the healthy habit of exercise regardless of when we start as it is recommended and beneficial at any age. We must be aware that practicing regular physical activity helps reduce by half the risk of suffering a multitude of ailments: diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. Likewise, exercise prevents osteoporosis, a disease that causes bones to become more fragile and break more easily, and also relieves low back pain and mitigates seizure and pain that produces osteoarthritis.

The excuses for not exercising are many; lack of time, exhaustion after working hours or not having the right equipment and the price of this is high. For all of them, these that we have mentioned and many others, there is an answer.

For the lack of time, say that who does not take time today to take care of themselves should look for time and money for it, because when diseases appear, we need time for different treatments and money to pay for them, so not everything is worth it and we can not live today at the cost of our health tomorrow. It is too expensive a price.

For the exhaustion after the daily obligations, just say that the worst part is to start, that the exercise stimulates and revitalizes and as you follow a routine your body will be the one that asks for your dose of daily training and you will feel with more energy at the end of the day.

As for the equipment, say that there are sports and exercises that hardly need any, and also now with the internet  to find what you need at the best price, such as thermal socks for the cold in these months when both temperatures drop. With your thermal socks , you will no longer be afraid of the cold to go running and you will end up with two excuses at the same time.

If we have not yet managed to convince you of the need to introduce exercise into your life, it is also good for the mind. Those who practice some regular physical activity sleep better, have an excellent mood, get a better facility for concentration and have lower levels of stress and anxiety. In this sense, for some people suffering from depression, exercise can be as effective in combating it as the best of medical treatments.

How much exercise a day is necessary?

The amount of exercise required will depend to a large extent on our purpose. As a general rule, a healthy level of exercise includes 30 minutes a day of moderate activity at least five days a week, while children must dedicate 60 minutes to this type of activity.

However, if our goal is to lose weight, we would have to increase it to 40 or 60 minutes a day five days a week and, when we have obtained the first results and begin to stagnate, if we intend to continue losing weight, we should make an average of 60 to 90 minutes, five days a week.

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