Foods to accelerate metabolism and lose weight

Looking for modern techniques to lose weight fast or to burn fat, especially when the summer months are approaching, has become a trend among young people and adults. Many of the methods that can be found at Google are unhealthy or inefficient to achieve the main goal:  lose weight fast.

One of the techniques that are currently trending is to accelerate metabolism and, more specifically, accelerate metabolism naturally, with a balanced diet and exercise. Therefore, in this article you will find the  best foods to accelerate the metabolism.

What exactly is accelerating the metabolism?

We understand metabolism as the process carried out by the organism to  produce and burn energy from the food we eat . Basically, breathing, thinking, doing digestion or even maintaining temperature are functions that depend on metabolism.

To understand better we will say that  the metabolic rate is the speed with which our body uses the available energy (burns calories).

According to current popular belief, accelerating metabolism leads to faster burning of calories and, therefore, weight loss (we explain it better in this article on¬†¬†accelerating the metabolism to lose weight¬†).¬†In fact, when accelerating let’s say that fat does not tend to be stored in the body and therefore the person would not gain weight, taking into account, however, that when the metabolism accelerates we tend to be more hungry, so that we eat more to cover the needs that the body asks of you.

There are some aspects that can greatly influence the rhythm of our metabolism and that, we should take into account when considering any type of diet and / or training to lose weight and burn more calories.

For example, the increase of strength and muscle mass through specific strength training, supplemented with cardio activities has a relevant role in accelerating metabolism. In this case it would be more appropriate to do the exercise in the afternoon, because at that time the metabolism decreases and when doing sports, we increase it.

So, why do not we start?

Below are some tips to modify your diet and include the foods that help with acceleration:

Good foods to accelerate the metabolism

Before going on to show you a  list of ideal foods to modify your metabolism it  is necessary to highlight the following tips that you should follow if you really want to start a diet to accelerate the metabolism:

  • Forget sugar (pastries, soft drinks, alcohol …) Sugar facilitates the storage of abdominal fat and if your goal is to lose weight you should eliminate it from your daily diet.
  • We must¬†¬†avoid trans fats¬†(¬†trans¬†¬†fatty acids): frozen, frozen.¬†fried, openings, cookies, pastries, etc.
  • To stay hydrated, we must drink a lot of water, some studies (¬†as it appears in the US National Library of Medicine¬†) indicate that drinking cold water can help burn more calories, since our body must heat the water once ingested.
  • Protein.¬†Any protein is a better choice for breakfast than muffins or cookies.¬†Eggs, protein shake or tuna.¬†Do not think only about chicken and fish.¬†It is¬†appropriate to boost the consumption of vegetable protein (legumes, cereals and nuts)¬†.¬†Note, however, that excess protein causes liver and kidney problems.¬†In our society we have an excess of proteins in the diet.¬†In a person in a normal state of health it is appropriate that the proteins are 15% of the total caloric value, at most 20%.
  • Make more meals, but in smaller quantities.

Well, laid the groundwork to produce that acceleration of your metabolism, let’s see what foods can help you get it, apart from the proteins already mentioned:

  • Green Tea.
  • Fruit of any kind¬†Preferably the fruit is whole and not in juices, since when making the juice the fiber decreases and you increase the free sugars.
  • Foods rich in omega 3 (salmon, tuna).
  • Spicy foods
  • Recommended proteins: chicken, rabbit, turkey, fish, soy.
  • Recommended carbohydrates: potato, fruit, brown rice, cereals.

Example of diet to accelerate the metabolism

Below is a generic example of a diet that could be classified as hyperproteic. As you can see, it is not a balanced diet due to the scarcity of carbohydrates. The ideal distribution of nutrients would have to be 50% carbohydrates, 30-35% lipids and 15-20% proteins).

At this point, it is worth remembering that what is important to increase metabolism is to follow healthy nutritional habits and exercise to increase energy expenditure.


Skimmed milk with 0% cocoa and cereals or with a toast of whole wheat bread, turkey, tomato and extra virgin olive oil.


Piece of fruit or skimmed yogurt and 5-6 almonds (or 2-3 walnuts)


It combines vegetables, with protein and with a small amount of carbohydrates. For example, you can take one serving of cooked vegetables, one chicken fillet and two tablespoons of cooked brown rice or two tablespoons of baked beans.


A skimmed yogurt or a piece of fruit and nuts.


Vegetables and protein. For example, a French omelet with an egg and a lettuce and tomato salad. Or a serving of grilled hake with wild asparagus.

Before sleep

A glass of milk or yogurt.

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