All About Cellulite Types

Although it is a reality worldwide that humans have a tendency to develop cellulite, especially in the case of women, despite being a natural response to a poor diet and sedentary life to many women this causes discomfort, even some they show low self-esteem and may have changed their dress. For a person to have cellulite does not need to be overweight, in fact 98% of the population suffers from it. Cellulite is fat that appears due to skin elasticity deficiency, genetic factors, hormonal changes and sedentary lifestyle. If you are here because of your physical appearance or health it is important that you know some things about the types of cellulite and treatment, I encourage you not all is lost!


There are several types of cellulite , this happens because over the years the cellulite is acquiring new shapes, textures and coloration, then we mention and explain each of them:

Edematous cellulitis : This type of cellulite is very common and is the one that most women present, it is manifested when there is an excess of fluid accumulation and due to lymphatic and circulation problems, this type of cellulite does not present coloration however It sees as a heterogeneous and gelatinous texture in the legs and thighs, due to the accumulation of liquids the person who suffers it can present pain.

Hard cellulite : This type of cellulite is present in the hard skin and orange hue, usually manifested in white, young or athletic people, due to the hardness of this cellulite stretch marks are produced, these are observed behind the knees, crotch , under the arms, and breasts.

Infectious cellulitis types and characteristics: In terms of the types of infectious cellulitis we refer to those cellulite that do not appear due to lack of elasticity or hormonal changes, but because of a bacterial origin, they usually appear by contamination of wounds or through bites where the Streptococcus bacteria, there is a predisposition in people with a weakened immune system or patients with diabetes.

Although with a treatment this type of cellulitis disappears it can not be neglected because it can bring possible complications in the dermal area. To treat infectious cellulitis or bacterial cellulitis should be taken antibiotics prescribed by a specialist in the area of ​​health, the most common antibiotics to treat this condition are amoxicillin and cephalexin, depending on the severity of cellulitis treatment can last 15 to 20 days. This type of cellulite can be contagious, this happens if the bacteria get to have contact with pores or wounds of a person with a weak immune system.


Although in this post we have talked about several types of cellulite , but it is always appropriate to know how to differentiate one from the others since one of them has repercussions on health. Edematous cellulitis and hard cellulitis belong to the group of cellulite with aesthetic causes and product of collagen deficiencies, that is, you can live for years with these types of cellulite without any repercussion to your health. Finally there is theinfectious cellulitis or bacterial cellulitis that arises by external factors, in this case by a bacterium and gradually deteriorates the skin and extends into the tissues causing pain, fever and infection.


To prevent edematous and hard cellulitis it is necessary to change the lifestyle, you need a moderation of food and drink plenty of water to activate the collagen in the skin again. Do not consume fried foods and do not overdo a strict diet as it could worsen the condition of hard cellulite and result in stretch marks, it is also ideal to go to a specialist, in this case dermatologist so you can receive a cellulite treatment without pain . Sometimes it is not enough to use creams and change the diet, depending on the cellulite you have and the area, you should receive an aesthetic treatment.

On the other hand, to prevent infectious cellulite you must be careful with areas of your skin that have been recently chopped by animals, clean with alcohol and avoid touching that area with your fingers or other objects, the good thing is that this type of cellulite is difficult to contract, in the case of suffering it with an antibiotic treatment in a few days it will disappear.


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