You lack energy during the session? Think about pre workout

You lack energy during the session? Think about pre workout

You lack energy during the session? Think about pre workout

The pre-workout is as the name suggests the snack to take before the weight training session. This is the second most important “meal” of the day, completed by the post-training session. The purpose of this meal is to prepare your body for muscle damage to come, but also to ensure a good level of energy throughout your bodybuilding session.

Slow sugars before a bodybuilding session

The pre-workout intake is similar to other snacks. Unlike taking post-training, you must consume low glycemic index carbohydrates before the session (complex carbohydrates). Complex pre-workout carbohydrates provide enough energy for the entire bodybuilding session. Not to consume before the session can limit you in your training. Oatmeal, bananas (green) or wholemeal bread (chicken sandwich) are foods rich in complex carbohydrates for pre-workout.

Proteins in pre-workout

The catabolism of the muscles does not occur only during the night, but also during the session. This is why it is essential to consume also proteins before the session of bodybuilding. These proteins will place the body in anabolic conditions early in your session and trigger your recovery faster. Just like in post-training, pre-workout proteins can be consumed in the form of dietary supplements.

Before the session, should slow protein or fast protein be consumed? The best is to mix the two. For food addicts, a mixture of 40g of whey protein in 350ml of skimmed milk is ideal. Consuming slow proteins in addition to fast proteins will slow the absorption of the mixture, ensuring a constant protein intake. The whey is perfectly adapted to the pre-workout because it is a natural supplement rich in BCAA: three amino acids that fight effectively against catabolism.

If you’re interested, I made an article where I compare the best pre workout on the market.

The pre-workout: timing and quantity

Your pre-workout and your weight training session should be spaced 45 minutes apart to give your body time to digest and assimilate all the nutrients. Whey proteins being very quick to assimilate, consume them rather 30 minutes before the session.

Regarding the amount of protein and slow sugars to consume, this can vary with your workout. If you are going to do an intense weight training (weight gain or maximum strength), consume 20g of protein and 40g of complex carbohydrates. These quantities will be sufficient to ensure your energy expenditure and to counter the catabolism of the targeted muscles. But if you are about to do a cardio training session that aims to lose weight, consume only 20g of protein: not consuming carbohydrates will force your body to draw on your reserves (glycogen and lipids).

Simple sugars just before the session

You can also consume simple sugars 15 minutes before your bodybuilding session to provide an instant dose of energy to your body. Fruit juices or whole fruits are a good source (orange, grapes). In addition orange juice contains potassium which improves the contraction of the muscles. The banana is a very energetic fruit but be careful because these sugars intake varies with its maturity: a very ripe banana (yellow with black spots) will bring you fast sugars, while a slightly green banana will bring you rather slow sugars.

Be careful not to consume too much sugars before the session because it can be counterproductive. Simple sugars are instantly degraded by your body, and arrive quickly in your blood. Your blood sugar rises sharply and therefore your insulin level too. The problem of insulin peak is that it always causes a feeling of fatigue and weakness that will disrupt your bodybuilding (reaction hypoglycemia).

to summarize

● Slow sugars consumed pre-workout increase your energy potential
● Protein consumed pre-workout limit catabolism during the session
● These proteins can also trigger muscle recovery faster
● Drink a fruit juice 15 minutes before the training allows you to start the session

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