Underwear for sport: what if we talked about it?

underwear woman sport

Underwear for sport: what if we talked about it?

We are looking for an anti-perspirant t-shirt for bodybuilding, a compression tights for running, etc. but why no one asks the question of underwear ? Is it because it does not show so we do not care? But do we wear technical clothes just to show off or because it’s more comfortable to play sports … Both of them maybe.

I searched a little information on the underwear of sport, that it is for woman or man, and I found very little information! just a few brand sites or e-commerce shops: zalando, decathlon, calvin klein …

Dommes I ordered some models for me (boxer) and for my wife (sports bra, seamless panties …) and we tested!

Why wear a technical underwear for sport?

It’s weird, but I never really thought about it. I think the issue of underwear for the sport is more in women, but I never bought a special model. I have my underwear that I put only to play sports, but they are classic models.

Ç has been a few weeks that I wear a sports boxer and frankly I see the difference, it is much more pleasant. The under technical clothing sports are designed with materials that are both comfortable and resistant, allowing greater freedom of movement … They also offer a good wicking and let air circulate during physical effort. I have since bought to have one for each day, whether for bodybuilding, running or boxing.

My wife was more used to underwear but it allowed her to discover new brands compared to what she had before (she took everything from Nike and Victoria’s secret ).

underwear woman sport

Underwear sport woman

We start with women. As I told you in intro I took models for my wife too, so I leave him room for this section 🙂 I would talk about underwear man lower .


A bra is as important a good pair of sneakers, especially for the practice of running.

You have to choose a model that gives you maximum support . This will necessarily depend on your morphology … If you have a large chest prefer the underwired sports bras. The smaller breasts may opt for more indented models or finer fabric.

In any case, the hat must fit snugly on the breast. It is better to take a circumference that compresses slightly (without tightening) rather than too loose.

The bra is a must for sports, do not wear your classic bra ! Here is the model that I preferred:

Sports bra
  • Very enveloping shape, to limit shocks during the effort.
  • Rounded curve for a feminine silhouette.
  • Microfiber new technology both light and ultra-gallant.
  • Ultra soft microfiber elastic
  • Comfort and maximum support
  • All sizes up to 100E



String, slip or shorty? The most important thing is that you are comfortable. A panties that fit in the buttocks is not nice, and ideally it is not seen through the leggings either.

Some of my girlfriends do not wear panties when they play sports. I tried to put nothing, as my leggings have pads at the crotch … It’s going for some quick exercises at home, but not to practice cardio for a long time, there is too much friction and therefore a risk of irritation.

Personally I do not like to play sports with a string, I find that they are often squeezing and move back and forth (which can cause inflammation of the bladder or vagina). But if you want it, it’s possible, just take it with wide strips at the hips!

For girls, here are the women’s boxer briefs that I find most comfortable:

sports panties
  • Very covering form
  • Microfiber both breathable and ultra-thin
  • Wide elastic in ultra soft mesh
  • Comfort and maximum support
  • Seamless panties, can not be seen under the leggings
  • Available in white or black, size 38 to 48


Underwear sport man

As for men’s models it’s quite simple: the boxer is adopted by most (I never wear underpants … but why not).

Nothing worse than Raphael Nadal who always puts his boxer in place before each service … And I admit that it happened to me too. To avoid this and feel comfortable , opt for sports underwear to enjoy a better comfort, softness and ventilation.

I tested some models (not tens too), but the main brands … I really liked the microfiber texture of Athena’s boxer . Their boxer is like a second skin, it is pleasant and soft to the touch.

boxer sport

I opted for this model which is the most classic. Long boxers are preferred for the sport. Their cut is designed to limit friction (note also that the longer a boxer is, the more he emphasizes the musculature of the legs).

  • Anti-odor cotton
  • Breathable boxer for  everyday comfort
  • Triple stitching: resistance to any event


How to choose his sports underwear?

I would say that to choose well sports underwear there are 4 criteria: the maintenance, comfort, price and style. This is valid for both women and men.

Maintenance and comfort

For the material, cotton is very good for everyday use but for sports prefer the technical materials such as polyester and microfiber.

For size, they may depend on brands. Generally knowing its size and weight is enough to choose the right size of a sports underwear, but to make sure you make the right choice, the sites usually offer a size chart … If you have any doubt Feel free to take your measurements.

The style

Although comfort is the first quality of a good underwear, you can still pay particular attention to style, with modern models, elegant, colorful or on the contrary more sober according to your tastes.

The price

It’s worth it for any purchase, but the price of sports underwear is generally reasonable. You’ll even find technical undergarments cheaper than classic cotton models.


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