The benefits of bike

The benefits of bike

The benefits of bike

Have you ever been cycling in the gym? Otherwise, be aware that you miss a great opportunity to please your body. This sport is ideal both for muscles and to refine your silhouette. However, it’s not just a hall sport. It can just as easily be practiced at home. And for this purpose, here are many reasons to have it at home.

The benefits of a home exercise bike

If you feel comfortable riding a bike in the gym, imagine how much fun you will enjoy riding a bike every day, at your own time, without time constraints, and so on. It is true that a bike does take up space, but when you see the benefits it brings, you will find a small place to put it in his house: p

Here are the main advantages:
● Ideal for muscle legs, thighs, and glutes
● Convenient to burn calories
● Effective for lowering blood glucose
● Very good stimulant
● Perfect for rehabilitation
● Very good actor in lowering cholesterol
● Preventive means of degenerative diseases

What we do not say is the positive side of the exercise bike for the heart. In fact, by training regularly on this device, you are less demanding of the efforts of the heart, blood pressure rises less and less, and even your cardio-respiratory capabilities improve significantly. Thanks to the bike, I found myself with a well-reshaped body, a health always at the rendezvous, and a moral forged like rock. For some it is implausible, but I can assure you that when we put it, it’s hard to let go so much activity is beneficial.

The good tips for enjoying the benefits of the exercise bike

The exercise bike is the ideal sport to build muscles while losing weight. In addition, it helps tone your legs, thighs and gluteal muscles, and also has effects on the brain, such as reducing stress. The exercise bike has many benefits on the belly and on the silhouette. Do this exercise only if you have patience and perseverance. I have no doubt about the fruits of this practice, but what I do know is that the results are not immediate. It is a slow but very satisfying process. Otherwise, for desired results there are some rules and tips:

First, you have to do your exercise: riding a bike is one thing, but riding a bike is something else. You must respect the exercise time (the minimum is one and a half hours of intense cycling per week, and the ideal two to three times a week for 30 to 40 minutes per session), and give it all. Doing your exercise well also means taking the right posture on the exercise bike. If I’m not mistaken, 75% of people who ride a bicycle do so with their backs too inclined, a 275 ° angle, which can be advantageous, but not in comfort. The risk of back pain is obvious. I recommend you an inclined position but 225 ° rather to enjoy the power and comfort pedal.

Second, control your diet. Indeed, the human body stores fat easily, but for the opposite effect (degreasing), it is a different story. You have to double your daily efforts. What I did to optimize my weight loss was to consume less fat and more starchy and raw vegetables for 3 months, then I tried to rebalance by gradually adding the fat, but without abuse of. Today my meals are balanced and my physical activity is constant.

Riding a bike may not be a quick sport to lose belly, hips and all that can be said, but it is the insurance of a loss without recovery. As you ride a bike, you see the benefits. And because you did not miss anything, you just enjoy going on. For those who are wondering: the exercise bike muscle what? It’s a fitness sport, so you’re safe. It rather curves your thighs, firmed your buttocks, deflates your belly, chases cellulite, ensures the elasticity of the skin; etc.

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