Powerball: which exercises to perform? How it works ?

Powerball: which exercises to perform? How it works ?

Powerball: which exercises to perform? How it works ?

Powerball is the name of the brand that marketed the product. It is a ball allowing fast rotations. When you throw it and hold it in your hand, it will always turn faster what your muscles will contract, especially the forearm.

The speed is gradually being built inside the sphere. The powerful resistance produced is also very useful in the rehabilitation of the arm and the shoulder.

To start at the start you have to take the hand. The first tests you will certainly have trouble but do not be discouraged, it will come! Once launched, you will see that it tired the forearm and especially in long runs. With time you will improve your technique to make it turn faster and faster

Depending on the position chosen for the rotations, you will contract different parts of the arm.

The exercises

Forearm exercises

To work the forearm it will have to move the rotor by avoiding moving the wrist. The force engaged to hold the rotor will automatically create a contraction of the muscles of the forearm.

The PowerBall is certainly the best device so far to allow you to improve the coordination of your forearm muscles. This can be a very good warm up before your weight training.

Exercise for the biceps

Activate your PowerBall and keep it high. You feel the muscles of your forearm work but also the biceps.
In addition to bodybuilding this exercise will be ideal for all sportsmen who use biceps such as tennis, rowing, mountaineering, boxing, etc.

Exercise for triceps

Keep your arm extended and turn the back of your hand forwards and backwards. This position will allow to come to work your triceps.
In addition to bodybuilding this exercise will be ideal for sports such as tennis, mountaineering and rowing.

Exercise for the shoulder

Keep your arm extended laterally and accelerate the rotor movement. It is among other things a good exercise in rehabilitation and can reduce frequent pain in the shoulders.

Exercises to train the strength of the fingers

Hold the ball with your fingertips in order to exercise the muscles without risk of overwork. No need too much intensity for this exercise, turn slower than for the forearm so.

This exercise will be ideal for mountaineers, mountain bikers and even pianists.

Wrist exercises

Make circles with your wrist. It will help your coordination.
Vary the movement alternately clockwise and counterclockwise with one hand and then the other. This exercise will also improve the mobility of your wrist if you have wrist pain.

Exercise recommended for tennis, golf, hockey or even cycling.

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