Hyperlordosis causing your back pain?

Hyperlordosis causing your back pain?

Hyperlordosis causing your back pain?

Working in the lumbar area accentuates the camber between the buttocks and lumbar areas. You do not do lumbar exercise you will tell me? Know that a large number of movements solicit this area, (which squat that you certainly realize …).

Be aware that most lumbar pain experienced during or after a workout comes from weakness in the abdominals.

When you practice bodybuilding, it is important to take into account the balance of power between abdominal and gluteal muscles in front of their postural psoas iliac – spinal antagonists. If this ratio of force and negative, against the abdominals and glutes (ie psoas-iliac and strong spinal, buttocks and weak abs), it causes a rocking of the pelvis forward. This negative balance of power is one of the main causes of hyperlordosis (lumbar arch).

It is this hyperlordosis that will cause a strong compression of the intervertebral discs, and therefore lower back pain, lumbago ….

What is hyperlordosis, what is it exactly?

To understand what hyperlordosis means, one must first know what lordosis is. The latter is the flexion of the vertebrae at the level of the lower back. It corresponds to one of the curvatures of the spine thus giving an S to the latter.

Thus, a hyperlordosis is an acute accentuation of the curvature called lordosis of the spine. This curvature is rather turned inward. This is the reason why, following the accentuation of the curve, the pains felt in the lower back are more virulent.

What are the causes of hyperlordosis?

The causes can be very varied. They can be muscular or constitutional. It is also possible that the bad habits of maintenance or posture are the cause. Work that requires heavy lifting at all times and standing all the time can also affect hyperlordosis. In general, all movements that require leaning forward are likely to lead to back pain. Among them, many bodybuilding movements.

People with obesity are also very at risk. This is because their backs can no longer support the weight of their bodies. But, what must not be forgotten is that inflammation of the vertebrae can also be the cause of hyperlordosis. It is also the case of the vertebrae which are not in their place but which slipped forward. All of these factors can be the source of hyperlordosis.

What are the treatments that can relieve hyperlordosis?

You will be relieved to know that there are many natural treatments for hyperlordosis. The purpose of treatment is to restore the original curvature of the spine. This action will eliminate the pain felt in the lower back.

If the hyperlordosis is of structural origin, it is more appropriate to be followed by a health professional. A physiotherapist can happily help you find the balance of your column.

On the other hand, if after examination the origin of your back pain is your overweight, it will be necessary to make a diet to allow your body to lose the extra pounds. A healthy diet based on fruit and vegetables, as well as lean meat can help you in this process.

Otherwise, exercising to allow your muscles to move a little can also be a great thing. It is also possible to apply arnica gel to reduce the pain of your lower back. Sometimes, wearing a back support corset will be necessary to restructure the back. And in the most severe cases, surgical interventions may be offered by practitioners.

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