How to grow fast? Some tracks

How to grow fast?

How to grow fast? Some tracks

Training as intensive as it is is not enough to give your body the power and muscle mass you want. Good results will depend on your bodybuilding sessions of course, but also recovery and especially a specific diet.

This crucial phase is neglected by many athletes who seek to densify their muscle mass and despite their total investment in training sessions, the result is not up to their expectations. You understood, for good muscle density it is important to provide a suitable nutrition program that will help us grow.

What to consider in a nutrition program 

During your training, the efforts you generate cause microscopic lesions in the muscle fibers. Your muscles regenerate during recovery and during your sleep. They also take nutrients from your meals to create new fibers. Thus, the more quality your meal, the more voluminous and numerous fibers, so men who want to gain weight will see the result of training faster. On average, a meal must be a caloric intake at the level of 50% of carbohydrates 20% of lipids and 30% of proteins.

Food supplements can accompany your diet they have indeed a large intake of essential nutrients which has the advantage of accelerating the regeneration of fiber. Your diet to get fat should be a clever dosage of protein, carbohydrate and fat, depending on the goals you want to achieve. To help you develop your muscle mass, there are nutritional supplements that promote this growth:

✓ The  Gainer , a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. With a low glycemic content, it is an appropriate dietary supplement for those looking to gain weight. Be careful however according to your morphology you can quickly take fat. Test over a period of a month, and observe the results.

 Another essential supplement to increase muscle volume is BCAA , a mixture of valine, leucine and isoleucine. These are branched-chain amino acids that increase protein synthesis. There are two types of BCAA, namely: BCAA 2: 1: 1; BCAAs: 1: 1 recommended for adults with protein deficiency and vegetarians. They bring a large amount of leucine to bring to the body an anabolic reaction such as that found in a young man.

 The vitamins daily taken promote weight gain. There are vitamins A, D, E, C which are rich in thiamine and niacin.

 The creatine increases your strength which will allow you to handle heavy masses. This supplement is suitable for athletes such as weightlifters who exercise intense activity over a short period.

 Fat burners that are capsules that sculpt your body while developing your muscles. They burn fat and inhibit your body’s consumption of fat and carbohydrates

The daily frequency of meals to promote muscle development  

For those who love to eat, you will be delighted to learn that to get your athletes body you have permission to eat more than 3 times a day! The key is to consume your daily dose of calories in a regular interval of 4 hours per day. Start your day with a bodybuilding breakfast . It is an important meal in your quest for the sculpted body. Opt for a full breakfast rich in nutrients and especially without fat, combine for example bread and cereals.

Create a high-calorie diet to get fat in which you need to bring in high-calorie items. Increase your usual portions of food with starter for example raw vegetables, main course vegetables accompanied by protein contained in meat, tuna, salmon or mackerel and dessert a fruit or pastry. Your diet should allow you to absorb 500 calories more than usual per day.

If you consume on a daily basis, you will gain 500g of mass per week. In addition, choose foods rich in energy density. These are, among others, cereal products such as bread or pancakes; fruits: banana, avocado, dried fruit; dairy products like cheese or yogurt. If you are naturally lean and this diet has been successful, you must continue to follow it by consuming in addition to the daily breakfast two to three high-calorie meals accompanied by a minimum of three snacks.

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