Healthy and fitness running list idea

healthy salad

Healthy and fitness running list idea

Your health and well-being are part of your concerns but you do not know what to buy once at the supermarket? Here are some ideas with this little shopping list.

I favor high-protein and low-calorie / saturated fat foods, but I also try to offer you a varied list with which you should be able to please yourself.

To have a healthy and balanced diet, the easiest thing is still not to have in his closets products too caloric and that bring nothing. It is therefore important to do your shopping well to avoid being tempted at home. If you know that you can not stop yourself from nibbling, plan healthy foods for snacking: rice cakes, fines, etc.

Fruits and vegetables

● Bananas
● Apples
● Grapes
● Red berries (you can buy frozen)
● Lemons
● Cucumbers
● Broccoli
● Radish
● Avocado
● Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes and / or large tomatoes)
● Sweet potato
● Carrots
● Mushrooms
● Peppers
● Zucchini
● Salad ( mesclun, spinach or lamb’s lettuce)
● Onions
● Garlic

Fish & meat

● Chicken breast (free-range chicken)
● Turkey breast
● Salmon / smoked salmon
● Other fish: saithe, dab, tuna …
● Shrimps
● Tofu

Cereals and bread

● Whole / Multigrain Breads
● Rice
● Semolina ● Quinoa
● Rice Vermicelli ● Whole

Eggs & dairy products

● Eggs (organic if possible)
● Fine milk or semi-skimmed milk
● Cottage
cheese ● Light white cheese
● Feta
● Yogurt 0%

Spices & herbs

● Salt
● Pepper
● Cinnamon
● Curry
● Cayenne pepper
● Thyme
● Turmeric
● Fresh parsley
● Apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar


● Olives
● Chick peas
● Low fat coconut milk
● Hummus
● Vegetable broth cube
● Mustard
● Soy sauce
● Extra virgin olive oil
● Coconut oil
● Apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar
● Nuts
● Fines
● Berries goji
● Chia seeds
● Water, of course!

What recipes with these races?

This list is a base with classic foods to have at home to eat healthy. You can already cook a lot of things and vary your diet. Then depending on the recipes, you may need to adapt your list with additional ingredients.

To those who do not cook:

Healthy and fitness running list idea

Younger I never cooked. I was going to the point and I thought I did not know how to cook. After having dinner at a friend’s house who suggested I cook with him, I realized that it was not so complicated and I even found a real pleasure to cook and eat what I prepared myself .

On the Internet you will find hundreds of sites with thousands of recipes. Start by selecting 2-3 that make you want, test them, then try again several times until it’s really good. It’s like everything, at the beginning it’s never great, but it’s learned and it’s by practicing that you’ll become a good cook!


Some general tips

⇨ Try to always have healthy food at home in your home, to avoid Sunday night cracking because there is nothing to eat 😉 Avoid processed products and choose the fresh ones.

⇨ If you can buy Bio it’s better, but not essential … It’s according to your budget. Personally there are only the eggs that I always take organic, for the rest I generally do according to the promotions and the price difference with the non bio.

⇨ Avoid processed products and prepared dishes. Orient yourself as much as possible to raw foods.

⇨ Avoid prepared dishes, discover the pleasure of cooking. You can buy vegetables or fruit in frozen (nature) – there is no problem to take a pack of 1kg of frozen broccoli because it is faster and easier – but no ready cooked dish.

⇨ Remove fast food and sodas from your diet.

⇨ Be careful not to fall into excess protein consumption. Cases of kidney disease in athletes who over consume proteins are common.

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