Discovering the activity tracker

To carry out a fitness program or monitor your health, there is a tracking gadget that is perfect for you. This is the activity tracker whose number of growing models makes it increasingly difficult to choose. To help you, here are some buying tips with the criteria of choice and 3 models very much appreciated at the moment.

Discovering the activity tracker

Still called activity bracelet, fitness or sport, the tracker is a small device in the form of a watch. It is placed on the wrist and is used to measure several data of the user namely heart rate, distances traveled, calorie expenditure, behavior during sleep, etc.

With regard to its operation, the device is equipped with an accelerometer that records the linear movement and a gyroscope that detects the rotational movement. The recorded data is then evaluated by algorithms and displayed in the form of detailed statistics and diagrams. These will be accessible directly on the device, via an associated application, or transferred to your phone since the activity sensor is connected. Note that there are models that do not come in the form of a bracelet, but a simple case to keep on you.

Selection of 3 effective activity trackers

Willful SW333 Activity Sensor

With this bracelet connected, you have the opportunity to measure your heart rate wrist. The model also offers many great features. Among other things, you have the monitoring of 14 sports activities, step counting, notifications calls or SMS. In addition, Willful SW333 is water resistant due to its IP67 sealing and is compatible with Android phones.

Withings Pulse Ox Activity Bracelet

Withings Pulse OX is an innovative and reasonably priced tracker that is compatible with both Android 4.0+ and iOS 7.0+ devices . It measures the resting heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, making it convenient for people with respiratory diseases. It is the ideal material to follow the sleep (cycle, duration, alarm clock) or the physical activities (calories burned, distance traveled, not carried out …).

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Activity Tracker

Xiami Mi Band 2 is an impressive bracelet for its accuracy in measuring sleep data. Integrating Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, it is compatible with Android 4 and iOS 7.0 or newer systems. It is an equipment with a touch screen OLED and very popular for fitness.

Activity bracelet: why and for whom?

The advantage of an activity tracker is that it motivates the wearer to move more. Periodically, you will hear a beep or message reminding you that you need to do some movement because you have been sitting or not moving for too long. The device also allows you to track your performance when you set goals to achieve in sports-fitness . By being very attentive to the reactions of the body, it allows to better control it to avoid health problems.

The tracker can be used by top athletes or anyone wanting to keep fit. This is interesting when you know how much sport contributes to good health and daily well-being.

Choose your activity tracker

Before buying your tracker, it is important to take into account the different features that will make a good choice. This is mainly the functionality of the activity tracker, starting with the pedometer: this is also the basic element. If your equipment incorporates a GPS, it can track the distance more accurately, provided that the GPS works well and there is no connection problem. In addition, a frequency monitor is necessary if you want your gadget to measure your heart rate throughout the day.

The activity tracker can be equipped with several sensors and you must take this into account when making your choice. You will find on the market products with up to 11 separate sensors. They can, for example, track the number of steps you take, your heart rate, your exact location, the intensity of sunlight, sleep data, breathing and more. To these criteria can be added the size, the presentation and the price of the bracelet of activity which must also be taken into account.

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